How to enter routes with multiple destinations in Google Maps?

Google Map is one of the most complex routing systems that, in addition to essential features, has many options that many people don’t even know exist; including support for routes with multiple destinations and stops. Google Maps allows users to configure routes that include multiple stops and destinations so that the navigation app does not need to be reconfigured to guide you to the next destination when you reach the initial destination.

This feature was supposed to help users in various scenarios. For example, if you work in the freight industry, you can plan all the stops in advance and then configure them on Google Maps.

Google Maps also supports route planning on the computer. This process is easier due to the larger screen, and once completed, the directions can be transferred to the phone.

Supporting multi-stop routes in Google Maps comes with several advantages and disadvantages

Introduced in 2016, this feature is served based on the destination order you configure in the app. That is, when you reach an address, it is removed from the list and routing to the next destination begins.

This is a logical approach, but Google Maps is still unable to organize destinations. Therefore, this program cannot sort the destinations based on the distance between them.

To better understand this, consider someone who works in the transportation industry. Google Maps cannot suggest the most efficient routes by only checking all the destinations configured in the application, but only looks for the fastest route to the next address.

If the destinations are spread across the city, you must have configured them in advance

Google is working on an update to fix this issue. With the help of artificial intelligence, this feature will be able to analyze all the destinations and then configure a travel plan that seems more logical. The distance between stops will be the shortest and the user only needs to configure the addresses.

Other than that, the only major drawback for some users is the number of supported stops. Google Maps only allows users to configure 9 addresses, while alternatives such as Apple Maps have increased the maximum number of destinations to 15.

The default value is currently sufficient for most users, but if we look at the same example above, despite this limitation, using Google Maps for product delivery may not be very suitable.

How to set routes with multiple stops in Google Maps?

Google has made using the multi-stop route feature as simple as possible.

After launching the application, look for one of the addresses in the top box of the screen and tap on the navigation button, and now you should see the suggested routes to the destination. By default, Google Maps shows the fastest route, but from 2021 onwards, eco-friendly alternatives will also be offered.

Tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and you should now see the Add Stop button. A new field is now available at the top of the page. You can search for an address and let Google Maps generate a new route preview.

You can add up to 9 stops to it. Google Maps will then display the total travel time and allow the user to sort the addresses by dragging and dropping.

Multi-destination routes in Apple Maps

Apple Maps allows you to create 15 stops for each route. The feature was introduced last year as part of the latest iOS update and is available on iPhones and Mac computers.

Apple Maps also allows users to plan routes and configure stops on a computer. So users don’t have to do all the programming on their iPhone’s small screen.

Apple Maps cannot automatically sort destinations

Google Maps is available on iPhone and Android, and once stops are configured, routing will also be available on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Currently, Google does not provide an option to configure multiple stops in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means that all the programming has to be done on the mobile phone and once connected to the car, the navigation system will take all the settings into account.

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