How to find cheap plane tickets?

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People who usually travel by plane are thinking of buying cheap and affordable plane tickets so that they can reduce their travel expenses. For example, you may plan to travel to Mashhad with your family. Normally, you check the plane sales sites daily on the date you want to find Mashhad plane tickets to see if the price has dropped or not.

In this article, we would like to guide you how to do this automatically and you will be notified automatically when the plane ticket becomes cheaper for the date and route you want. In some times, the price of the ticket may be significantly reduced, but in some days of the year, this price can be multiplied. For this reason, several issues should be considered to buy a cheap ticket. Airplane tickets are sold in two ways: charter and system. The price of these types of tickets may not vary much throughout the year, but on some days and some seasons when the number of passengers is low, the price of charter tickets will be very tempting and attractive.

The seller of charter tickets is trying to fill the seats of the plane by selling plane tickets at a lower price so that the plane does not take off empty. Usually, the flight time is very close, and the shorter the time, the lower the ticket price. In this situation, you can buy cheap and suitable tickets. As a result, it is enough for the traveler to close his trip and check the ticket prices in short intervals. After seeing the desired price and the cheapest one, buy the ticket immediately and prepare for an economic trip.

You may find it hard to check the site regularly and compare ticket prices. If you are going to travel in the next few days and want to buy the cheapest ticket, you can find out about the available tickets in a certain time frame and in the price range you want through the Kode ticket site. Kode ticket site will inform you about the cheapest flights by sending an SMS.

Pleasant travel experience with cheap tickets

Kode Ticket is one of the most reliable sites in the field of selling plane tickets and provides many facilities for buying plane tickets to various destinations, including Kish plane tickets. Users can buy plane tickets online and in the shortest possible time at the lowest price. If you travel a lot and want to buy plane tickets at an exceptional price, you just need to keep a few points in mind when searching for tickets.

Enter the ticket code site, specify your origin and destination. To find the city you want, just type the first two or three letters of the city or find the city of origin and destination from the drop-down menu in each section and select them. In the upper part of the box, specify the type of your trip. As you can see in the picture, there are two options “one way” and “round trip”. If your trip is one-way, activate the tick of this option and if your trip is two-way, select the return option.

After choosing the origin and destination, you must specify the date of your trip. Choose the date you want for the outbound and return trip from the solar calendar available on the site. If your ticket type is round trip, two dates will be displayed for you, the first date is your departure date and the second date is your return date. By clicking on the name of the Gregorian month, the calendar will be displayed for you in Gregorian format. You can change the calendar type to Gregorian for your foreign trips.

And finally specify the number of passengers. As you can see in the picture, the passengers are divided into three groups based on their age: adults, children and babies. In system tickets, the ticket price is different in each age category. In this section, determine the number of passengers according to their age.

After completing this section, click on the flight search option so that the available flights on the desired date will be displayed for you. On the next page, you will see a list of different flights. In this list, there are various types of charter tickets and systems from different airlines with different prices. The price trend is ascending and is sorted by default from cheapest to most expensive.

As you can see, the type of ticket is listed next to each ticket. By clicking on details, more information about the ticket will be displayed for you. Information such as flight class, aircraft type, travel start time and destination arrival time, flight duration and the number of empty seats left on the plane are given in this section.

If you want to buy your ticket from a specific airline or if you want to make your search more detailed, click on the filter option located at the top of the box. In the filter section, it is possible to specify the flight time based on the available time frame and select the type of ticket (charter or system). Then choose the name of the airline you want from among the available airlines. Next to each of the airlines, the starting price of the ticket is specified. At the end, choose the flight class you want and then apply the filter and see the results.

If you are looking for a cheaper price and want to know the cheapest ticket available on the airline you want, activate the price tracking option.


When you activate this option, a form will be displayed for you, by filling it, you will be informed whenever the ticket becomes cheaper. In this form, the lowest available price is included, and by completing its sections, which include the mobile phone number, percentage of price reduction, and the number of days required to find the ticket, you will be informed of the lowest price of the plane ticket in the next few days. After completing this form, click on the “notify me” option to register your request.

Registration in this notification form is free and you will be notified whenever there is a ticket cheaper than the price available on the first day. The notification will be done through SMS and you will be able to purchase the ticket before it runs out. It will definitely be difficult for you to check the site several times a day to find the cheapest ticket, by using this option you will be informed about the cheapest plane ticket without having to track the prices and you will no longer need to worry about missing cheap flights. be the price

It is recommended not to postpone the purchase of tickets until the last days (especially Tehran plane tickets) so that you have enough time to buy tickets at a reasonable and cheap price. Ticket prices may be fixed for a few days and will not change, you have to be patient and wait for amazing ticket prices. Kode Ticket always offers the easiest ways to increase the satisfaction of its customers. If you have any questions or doubts, contact the site’s support team.

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