How to fix iOS 16 update problem without data loss?

Apple Updated several weeks ago iOS 16 for a high number of iPhones released and you can install it on your phone, but if you encounter problems while updating your iPhone, how can you install iOS 16 on it without fear of losing your data?

iOS 16 operating system for phones iPhone 8 series And newer iPhones are released and users can download and install it on their phones through settings. As you can expect, when you install iOS 16 on your iPhone, you will be faced with new features.

Features of iOS 16 operating system

Apple has considered a lot of features for this operating system, including personalization of the lock screen, editing and canceling of sending iMessages, optimization of Live Text, shared iCloud image library, improvement of focus mode and protection of hidden and deleted albums.

How to update iPhone to iOS 16

Installing the latest version of iOS on iPhone is a simple task and you can enjoy iOS 16 by just following several steps. Of course, before proceeding with the installation of iOS 16, we suggest that you make a backup file of your data.

For this, just connect your phone to the system and on Windows systems iTunes and open MacFinder. Now select your device in iTunes or Finder and select Backup Now option. Of course, you can, if you have free cloud space icloud Also backup your data.

How to install iOS 16

After you have backed up your data, you need to go to Settings and then General. Here, tap Software Update to get the latest version of iOS, although this may take several seconds. Next, select Upgrade to iOS 16 and Download and Install respectively. According to your internet speed, the update download time will be different for you; So you have to be patient.

Fix the problem of not updating iPhone to iOS 16

Although it is very easy to get the iOS 16 update, you may also face problems like the iPhone update taking a long time. Therefore, we would like to introduce you the solutions to solve these possible problems.

Use the iMyFone Fixppo app

If you want to fix the problem of updating iPhone to iOS 16 without the slightest risk of losing your data, go to the program iMyFone Fixppo go. This program provides you with remarkable features and is also compatible with all types of iPhones. This program can also fix the iPhone update problem easily.

One of the main reasons for the iPhone to hang during the update is the failure to properly install the operating system, which is why the user faces an error. But iMyFone Fixppo can easily fix all the problems with its advanced technologies and install the operating system correctly on your iPhone.

This program can solve many problems and is not only used for installing updates. In addition, iMyFone Fixppo is compatible with various models of Apple phones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 14 It is compatible. On the other hand, we are dealing with a secure app, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

To work with this program, follow the steps below:

  • First of all you need to download this app. iMyFone Fixppo for Windows And Mac OS Available. After downloading and installing, run it and select Standard Mode.
iMyFone Fixppo app
  • Connect your phone that hangs during the update to the system. Next, click on the Next option and let the program detect your iPhone.
  • In the next step, you must follow the instructions of the software to download the firmware. If several firmwares are presented to you, select only the version you want and press the Download button.
iMyFone Fixppo app
  • After the firmware is downloaded, click Start to let iMyFone Fixppo start fixing your iPhone. Wait a little while for the program to do its work and at the end your phone will no longer hang.
iMyFone Fixppo app

It is not bad to point out that there is a possibility of the iPhone hanging in situations other than during the update. In such cases, you can go to iMyFone Fixppo and fix the problems.

Restart the iPhone

If your phone gets stuck on “Verifying Update” or “Update Reust Sent” during the update process, you need to make sure your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network. But if Wi-Fi was connected but you were still facing the problem, the first and easiest way is to restart your phone.

How to restart iPhone

To restart your phone, press and hold the power button until the phone shutdown slider appears on the screen. Of course, if you have an iPhone equipped with Face ID, you must hold down the side button along with one of the volume buttons. Next, drag the slider to turn off your iPhone. Next, turn it on and repeat the update process. Most likely, your problem is solved now.

Force restart the iPhone

If you could not restart your phone normally with the above method, you should go to Force restart go; The process that is done by pressing the iPhone buttons. As we said above, most of the time after restarting the iPhone, the problem of not being able to update the device is solved.

To force restart iPhone 8 and newer models, you need to press and quickly release your finger on the volume up button, then do the same for the volume down button. Continue holding the side button and when the Apple logo appears on the screen, release your finger from the side button.

Force restart iPhone

Although iOS 16 has been released for iPhone 8 and newer models, but for force restart iPhone 7 You need to press the volume down button and the power button at the same time and do not take your finger off them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Restore the iPhone through iTunes

If none of the above methods solve your iPhone problem, you should go for restoring it. In this method, all the problems will be solved, but on the other hand, all the data on your phone will be lost, but you have backed them up in the past. So if you don’t have a backup, all your iPhone data will be deleted.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Since iTunes can’t detect the stuck phone during the update, put your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • Connect the iPhone to the system and then run the iTunes program.
  • Select your phone in iTunes.
  • Click on the Restore iPhone option.
  • Click Restore and wait for iTunes to do its job.
Restore the iPhone

If you can’t restore your phone with the above method, you can go back to the iMyFone Fixppo program, which allows you to enter the recovery mode quickly and easily.

It is not bad to have a look at the possible reasons for not installing the update on the iPhone. In general, these reasons fall into two categories: internal and external factors:

  • internal factors: Things like low device charge, insufficient storage space, excessive temperature increase and also software problems can prevent the update from being installed on the iPhone.
  • foreign causes: Unstable Wi-Fi connection and low speed of Apple’s servers (which we usually face in the early hours of the release of a new version of iOS), are external factors that make it impossible to install updates on the iPhone.

Fixing the problem of constant restarting of the iPhone

One of the problems you may face while using iPhone is its constant restarts so that you can no longer use it properly. There are several reasons for this problem, including installing the latest version of iOS such as iOS 16, jailbreaking the iPhone, and faulty battery connectors. But in this case, how can the problem be solved?

There are several ways to get rid of the constant restarting of the iPhone. One of these ways is to force restart the iPhone, which we taught you how to do above. The second way is to update the iPhone using iTunes or Finder (according to the operating system used). For this, just connect the iPhone to your system and click on the Updates option in the Summary tab. Now click on the Download and Update option and follow the instructions on the screen.

The third method is to use iMyFone Fixppo – iOS Repair Tool, which fixes the problem of constant restart without fear of data loss. After downloading and installing this program on your system, click on standard mode.

Now connect the iPhone to your system and click on the Next option. If the app detects your phone, it will go to the next step. Otherwise, follow the on-screen instructions to go to standby mode and iMyFone Fixppo will detect it.

This program provides you with suitable firmwares for iPhone and you can choose the best one and click on the Download option.

After downloading and validating the firmware, you must click the Get Started option to start the iPhone repair process. After several minutes, your phone will be back to normal and you will no longer face the problem of constant restarts.

The fourth method to fix the problem of constant restart of the iPhone is to restore it using the system and iTunes or Finder, which we taught you how to do this above.

Finally, if none of the above methods worked, you probably have hardware issues and you should take your iPhone to a repairman.


As you can see in the article above, if you encounter problems when updating your iPhone to iOS 16 and your phone keeps restarting even after installing it, there are different ways to fix them. Among these methods, one of the safe ways to fix any iPhone problem without fear of data loss is to use the iMyFone Fixppo tool. iMyFone Fixppo is compatible with various iPhones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 14 and you can use it to repair your phone in terms of software, access the latest updates and also put your iPhone in recovery mode. Therefore, we are faced with versatile tools.

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