How to set up the SMS queue system

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Whether you are a doctor who has arranged appointments for your patients or a repairman who has made an appointment to provide specialized repair services to your customers; It doesn’t matter what kind of services you offer in your business; You will definitely need an SMS scheduling system. This type of system increases the work efficiency of the centers and reduces the negative mental and psychological effects in the work environment to a significant extent. With the SMS automatic scheduling system, you can also save time and money for your business; It is enough to learn how to set up this system and work with it. In this article, tips and methods are mentioned that will guide you in using the SMS scheduling system and introduce you to the benefits of this system; So don’t miss this article.

What is needed to use the SMS scheduling system?

To use and set up the SMS scheduling system, you must first find a reliable company and get this system from the SMS service provider. The SMS panel is also one of the most important tools you need to set up the queue system. This system provides you with the ability to define the level of access, the number of turns per day, and the text of various messages.

Another important requirement for an SMS appointment is to have a dedicated line through which you can send your desired SMS to your clients or patients. You should provide a dedicated number that belongs to your business to the contacts so that they can receive a predetermined time to refer by sending a keyword. System experts will launch the relevant panel in your system. After that you have to register your desired message. Specify your working hours in the system and determine the time interval of shifts.

How does the SMS scheduling system work?

To work with the free or non-free SMS panel, first enter the SMS panel from the SMS module. You can configure the settings of this module in the Advanced Features > Queuing section. On this page, you can create a new queue system by clicking on the new button. It goes without saying that it is possible to create an unlimited number of SMS scheduling systems. All the facilities you need, such as visit duration for each client, work start time and work end time, can be accessed in this section.

Click on New Insert to get started. In the “Title” field, write a word that allows you to group your messages. In the sender field, write the number with which you want to send the SMS to the recipient. Now define the turn receiving keyword so that when someone sends this word, the turn will be sent to him. In the queues section, you will see the list of people who have queues along with their queue times.

How to send an appointment by SMS in the SMS appointment system

After you save the changes in the appointment system, the final result will be that if you send the keyword to the system for the first time, an appointment will be registered for you in the SMS system. If the client re-sends the keyword to the SMS appointment system, a special text will be sent to the client for the repeated message and warns the user that you have already taken an appointment! Because this system is an automatic queuing system, all these processes are done automatically.

If someone else sends the keyword to the system, the system will automatically consider a turn for the next person according to the duration of your visit and send the visit time to the user. This process will be done automatically until the end time is reached. If the working hours are over, an SMS with the content “today’s visits are complete” will be sent to the users who want to make an appointment. One of the important uses of the SMS queue system is to save the phone number in the SMS book, so that you can have the numbers of your contacts in categories.

The advantages of having an automatic SMS scheduling system; A powerful tool to attract and retain customers

In recent years, the SMS scheduling panel is one of the most popular platforms for many businesses. The most important advantage of this system is its availability, which accurately, automatically and better than any other tool informs users of their turn. Saving money for audiences and presenters is one of the other benefits of the automatic queue system, which is very important for most people. In fact, with SMS scheduling, the client’s expenses for commuting and receiving an appointment in person or by phone are saved. Also, sending SMS to announce the appointment is more cost-effective than other methods for service providers.

In addition to saving money, using this system will lead to better time management for businesses; Therefore, employee productivity increases and they can focus more on customer service. By sending orders to customers, crowding and overcrowding of the place of receiving services is prevented and services are provided in a more orderly and organized manner.

Be available to your customers 24 hours a day with the Faraz SMS SMS appointment system

In this article, we discussed how to set up and how to work with the SMS scheduling system. This panel has many advantages and it will be very affordable for businesses to purchase it. To purchase and prepare this system, you must refer to a reliable SMS panel service company; We give you SMS appointment system Faraz SMS We suggest Faraz SMS has been able to satisfy its users and customers with its advanced and up-to-date services. If you have not yet prepared an SMS scheduling panel, you can simply buy an SMS scheduling system from If you need a free consultation, please call 02174853. With this smart assistant, be at ease and do the best customer service in peace.

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