How to unfilter the wrongly filtered sites?

Filtering is one of the worst tools available to deal with various sites and platforms that have risen these days, and in this sudden flood of filtering, sometimes a website is mistakenly filtered. If you are an administrator or a user of a site and you have not been spared from the sharp blade of filtering, you can register a request to remove the filter by visiting the “Working Group for Determining Examples of Criminal Content” website.

Although there is a system to request Filter fix should be taken as a good omen, but if the relevant site and platform is a violation in the opinion of this working group, there should be no hope of fixing its filter. This service can be used to fix the filter for sites that have been filtered by mistake and misleading requests of some people.

To request to remove the filter of a site, you must first go to the electronic service portal “Criminal Content Identification Task Force” and then select the “request to remove the filter” option.

The request to remove the filter for internal and external sites is separated in this system; Because for the Iranian site, the manager of that site must register the request so that if he agrees, he can remove the violations.

Fix Iranian site filter

If you are the administrator of an internal website and you are faced with the cruel blade of the filter, you can register the filter removal request form in the system. Just enter your website address and security code in this form.

Then you must enter your username and password in the website management team.

At the last stage, by registering the request, you will be given a tracking code that you can use to track your request in the future.

After registration, this request will be reviewed by the members of the working group and if it is approved, you will be notified. Then, upon entering the process, the remediation unit will notify you of the criminal examples and you must remove all examples from your website. By confirming this, your site’s filter will be removed.

If your request is not approved, you can file an appeal after one month.

Request to end the external site filter

If you have a request to remove the filter of an external site, you can register your request through this portal and receive a tracking code by giving sufficient explanations and reasons.

You can register your request by entering the website address and registering the security code. If the site you are looking for has a lot of criminal content, a message will be displayed to you, otherwise you will go to the next step.

In this step, you should specify the domain category from the displayed list. Then enter your e-mail and your description and click on the “Register Request” option.

If you have submitted more than 3 requests to complete the filter of the mentioned site, your request will no longer be processed. Otherwise, a message indicating the successful registration of your request and its tracking code will be displayed.

By using this tracking code, you can find out about the processing of your request in the working group.

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