How will artificial intelligence improve the mobile industry?

Artificial intelligence is transforming many aspects of human life, and smartphones are no exception. But how can artificial intelligence transform these useful and lovely gadgets?

In this article, we want to go to three areas where artificial intelligence can revolutionize the mobile industry in the next five years.

Battery life and health

The battery is one of the most important parts of a smartphone; Because it determines how long we can use our device without needing to recharge. However, battery performance can degrade over time for a variety of reasons, including temperature, charge cycles, and usage patterns. Although you can’t change the way you use smartphones, you can change the way you control the battery and charge the phone with artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence can help improve battery life by predicting useful battery life, optimizing its settings based on user behavior, and reducing energy consumption by managing background processes; Such as the adaptive charging feature provided by Xiaomi or the smart protection feature provided by Oppo and OnePlus in the SuperVOOC standard.

These AI techniques can potentially increase phone battery endurance by up to 30%, improve mobile battery health by up to 40%, and generally save users energy costs.

Voice assistant

The voice assistant provides an easy way to interact with the phone through natural language. Voice assistants use technologies such as voice recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence to understand and respond to human commands. Also, this technology can perform various tasks such as making calls, sending messages, playing music, checking the weather, and more.

However, voice assistants still face challenges such as accuracy, limited functionality, and privacy concerns.

New AI technologies can improve voice assistants by using advanced NLP models such as ChatGPT that can provide more natural and engaging responses. AI can also allow voice assistants to learn from user feedback, adapt to different scenarios, and provide more personalized services.

Smartphone camera

Camera is another important part of smartphones that attracts many consumers. Currently, smartphone cameras with artificial intelligence provide stunning results that make them rival professional DSLR cameras.

Artificial intelligence can improve photos taken by mobile phones using the scene recognition system. In this method, artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the settings for the photo depending on which category the subject falls into and other factors such as lighting conditions. It can also enable object detection, which allows the camera to distinguish faces from the background. Additionally, AI can improve image quality using computational photography techniques such as HDR.

As a result, AI will revolutionize smartphones in many ways in the next five years. By improving battery life, camera quality, and voice assistant capabilities, artificial intelligence is expected to make future smartphones more powerful, versatile, and user-friendly than ever before.

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