How Windows artificial intelligence has been able to transform this operating system

Artificial intelligence is evolving at a high speed and can revolutionize the way we interact with software and use it. In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence into Windows software has greatly changed the experience of using a computer, making computer customization more efficient and effective.

The use of artificial intelligence is essential in enhancing the ease of use of Windows 10; For example, Windows can Natural language processing algorithms And machine learning learn information from the user’s behavior and respond to his voice commands; As a result, Windows can meet the needs of users. Also, it becomes easier for the user to use it and communicate with it better. Below are some of the methods of using Windows artificial intelligence We express

Smart virtual assistants

Cortana smart virtual assistant

Smart virtual assistants, artificial intelligence assistants with the ability to interact with humans through voice commands, chatbots and other natural language processing user interfaces. Cortana was the first virtual assistant created for Windows; But now several alternatives have been created, including Google Assistant, Mycroft AI, Braina and Alexa.

Windows performance enhancement is achieved with the help of intelligent virtual assistants. These assistants, which are considered one of the most important achievements of Windows artificial intelligence, are able to perform routine and repetitive tasks such as managing calendars, setting reminders and sending emails, and for this reason, they can make it easier for users to focus on other tasks.

Using natural language processing algorithms, intelligent virtual assistants have created interesting ways to interact with Windows software, and because of this, the user can better communicate with them. These assistants have the ability to understand voice commands and respond to them, thus enabling users to control devices without touching them.

Continued technological advancement Artificial intelligence It has led to the discovery of a large number of potential abilities of intelligent virtual assistants, and these assistants will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of computing.

Strengthen security

Microsoft Defender for Windows 10

AI security systems They can detect those threats and cyber attacks that may not be detected by conventional systems. These intelligent systems like Microsoft Defender for Windows 10 They use machine learning techniques to analyze behavioral patterns and detect anomalies that indicate security threats.

Anti-virus software with artificial intelligence has the ability to instantly detect and block malware entered into the system. These softwares scan files and software for malicious code and detect and remove such code before it can harm the software. Also, these softwares have the ability to monitor user behavior and detect suspicious activities.

For example, if a user suddenly starts using files and applications that are not usually used, the system will consider this action as a suspicious activity and deal with it appropriately. In addition, AI-based security systems can detect potential threats with the help of predictive analytics. Such systems are capable of analyzing data from various sources to identify patterns and directional activities that could indicate potential cyber attacks.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing by providing smarter systems with the ability to detect cyber attacks and counter them instantly. Windows software security and increasing computer security for the end user.

Automate the update

Windows automatic update

Artificial intelligence has created several useful methods for Windows users. One of these methods is automating updates, in which machine learning is used to help Windows users continue to use the latest software updates and security patches.

In the past, updating Windows software has been a manual process where users were asked to download and install update files themselves. Such a method is both time-consuming and can lead to computer vulnerability.

by using AI algorithms This process can be automated. These algorithms have the ability to detect the latest software updates, download and install them without user intervention. Of course, Windows still allows users to update manually if needed; Therefore, the manual update of Windows has not been completely stopped yet, but this software also performs well in the field of automatic update. By analyzing the data, artificial intelligence can suggest updates that have the ability to enhance the performance and stability of the system.

Text prediction and autocorrection

Typing with a computer

In text prediction, machine learning is used to analyze typed words and phrases and suggest the most likely next words and phrases based on the meaning of the text. This feature saves users’ time and increases their typing accuracy and speed; Especially on Windows computers.

On the other hand, in the automatic correction feature, algorithms are used to detect and correct the spelling of words and grammatical mistakes while typing. This feature is very useful for different users, especially users who have problems with spelling words or cannot type accurately, as well as people who type foreign text and are not familiar with the subtleties of that language.

Both predictive text and autocorrect feature use AI and machine learning to analyze large volumes of data and make predictions based on them. As these algorithms continue to improve and become more accurate, we expect to see a more sophisticated version of this tool in Windows software in the future.

Improved gaming experience

Computer gaming experience

It is interesting to know that AI has played an extensive role in improving the gaming experience of Windows users; For example, graphics engines based on artificial intelligence have made games better than before by creating more realistic and immersive visual effects.

Deep Learning Super Sampling technology or Nvidia DLSS It uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality frames from a low-quality image source. This technology allows you to experience high-resolution gaming without losing framerate and game performance.

In addition, AI algorithms have the ability to analyze gameplay data and help the gamer with artificial intelligence. They analyze the gaming behavior of the gamer and then give them suggestions to enhance the gameplay or strategies to win the game.

Some of these algorithms have the ability to learn the gamer’s game style and adapt the game accordingly in order to change the game based on the user’s preferences; For example, AI can adjust the game’s difficulty level based on the gamer’s performance and ability, or change the game’s mechanics to match the gamer’s preferred style.

Improve search performance

Windows search bar

There is no doubt that AI has enhanced search functionality in applications, web browsers, and even the Windows search bar.

Artificial intelligence can understand requests expressed in natural language and respond to them with relevant answers. Also, this technology can provide users with the possibility of searching for files and applications using natural language instead of keywords. Such a tool can suggest a question based on the search history and the text searched by the user, so that instead of writing the topics he wants, he can save time by choosing questions related to the topic he is searching for.

Also, AI has the ability to learn the necessary information from users’ behavior in the field of search, to be more accurate and relate the search results over time. So over time, the user will receive more personalized and useful results when searching for content.

Finally, Windows uses artificial intelligence to analyze and index the contents of files and folders to provide more accurate search results. This feature allows the user to search for more specific content (for example, a keyword in a document or a specific image in a folder) in files.

Provide personalized offers

Provide personalized offers in the Microsoft Store

Artificial intelligence has improved the experience of using Windows by providing personalized suggestions based on algorithms used to analyze user behavior and preferences. In order to create a view of the user’s interests and habits, these algorithms learn the necessary information from his activities in the Windows environment, such as visited websites, used applications, and consumed content.

Microsoft Store is one of the platforms providing customized offers. Based on the downloaded games and the games that the user has preferred in the past, this platform uses artificial intelligence to suggest apps and games that the user is likely to be interested in.

The Windows Start menu is another section that offers customized suggestions to users. In this section, machine learning technology is used to personalize the list of suggested applications and documents, based on the most used files and software by the user. This feature helps users save time. It has also increased the efficiency of Windows by enabling users to quickly access the files that they use most of the time.

final word

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is transforming Windows in disruptive ways; From enabling personalized suggestions and improving search performance to strengthening operating system security and improving the performance of smart virtual assistants. In general, the integration of AI in Windows has changed the way we use this operating system.

As this technology continues to evolve, we expect to see more innovative and effective ways to use the potential applications of Windows artificial intelligence in the future; It is therefore important that both developers and users stay abreast of the latest developments in AI so that they can fully benefit from the technology’s potential and benefits.

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