Huawei ahead of Apple; The Watch 4 smart watch can notify the user of an increase in blood sugar

Less than ten days ago, Huawei unveiled Series 4 smart watches, and now the CEO of Huawei’s consumer products claims that Huawei Watch 4 can warn users of rising blood sugar levels; While Apple Watch is not yet equipped with such a feature.

The CEO of Huawei’s consumer products released a video on the Weibo social network and said that this smart watch quickly detects fluctuations in blood sugar levels and warns the user. In fact, this wearable gadget notifies the user in less than 60 seconds if it detects any sudden increase in blood sugar.

Huawei smart watch and users’ blood sugar level warning

Huawei claims that its new smartwatch has a non-invasive tracking feature blood sugar Is. This feature is currently not available in Apple’s smart watches, and the Chinese seem to be ahead of Apple in this regard.

“Yu Chengdong”, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer products, has published a video on the Weibo social network showing how this new feature works. It should be noted that Huawei Watch 4 is not equipped with the ability to read blood sugar by itself and only warns the user when it detects that the blood sugar level is high. In fact, this feature is suitable for people who are at risk of hyperglycemia or an increase in blood sugar that is too normal.

Huawei’s promotional video shows that a warning is displayed to indicate the risk of hyperglycemia to the user. According to Yu, the smartwatch does this by measuring 10 health indicators within 60 seconds. The company notes that these metrics include heart rate, pulse wave characteristics, and more, indicating that the smartwatch is limited to only local monitoring of the user’s blood glucose levels.

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