Hubble’s image of a spectacular merger of two galaxies 200 million light-years away

Recently, an image from the Hubble Space Telescope has been released, showing two galaxies in the triple galaxy position Arp 248 Or “Wild trio” is showing. These galaxies, located at a distance of 200 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Virgo, have given their hands to each other in a beautiful way.

The two large spiral galaxies seen in this image are connected by a luminous bridge. This light bridge is actually a collection of stars and interstellar dust called “Tidal tailIt is known and it was created by the two-way gravitational pull of these two galaxies.

Hubble telescope image of connected galaxies

The current Hubble image is part of a larger project

This image is in the process of searching for suitable subjects for future observations of the James Webb Space Telescope by Hubble’s advanced reconnaissance camera it is registered. Of course, these subjects are further investigated by the large millimeter array of Atacama and Hubble itself.

Considering the high number of astronomical objects in the night sky, projects such as the current Hubble project are very important in determining the path of future observations and can help save costs.

The current view in this image was observed while examining two unusual sets of Arp galaxies. Halton Arp was an American astronomer who created the “Atlas of Strange Galaxies”. This atlas contains 338 galaxies, all because of Unusual shape They are self-selected. Now, after half a century, we have realized that the strange shape of these galaxies is due to Their interactions with each other Is.

Astronomers now know that galaxy mergers play an important role in the evolution of our universe. In the course of these discoveries, they have reached a new class of space objects, which they call “Star-forming intergalactic objectsThey are called (ISFO). These objects can be created by factors such as tidal interactions and have different masses.

The James Webb Space Telescope previously published the Stefan quintet image, which is an example of these interconnected galaxies.

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