Humans probably need more sleep during the cold seasons of the year

Researchers have shown in a study that calling people who can’t wake up easily in winter “lazy” may not be very accurate. Although humans don’t hibernate like some other mammals, they probably need more sleep during the colder months of the year, the study says.

According to the Guardian, scientists have found that people go more into REM sleep during winter. In this case, the eyes show fast movements. Additionally, although research has shown that humans sleep about an hour more in winter than in summer, this difference is not statistically significant.

Researchers say that the amount of REM sleep in winter is about 30 minutes more than in summer, but deep sleep It decreases in autumn. As a result, this evidence can suggest the need to modify sleep time in different seasons. Dr. Dieter Kanz, one of the researchers of this study, says: “Seasonal behavior is seen in all living things on our planet. Although our behavior does not change during the winter, our physiological settings change and we feel that we no longer have energy.”

Should people’s lives be regulated based on their sleep?

Kahns says that countries should be based on the season, sleep habits, etc Duration and timing Correct it and if needed, start time Classrooms and working hours change the Scientists admit that the results of this study should be confirmed by testing on people who do not have sleep problems. Seasonal change can have more effect on healthy people.

Researchers in the present study from 188 volunteers who were facing sleep problems were invited to participate in the experiments. They were asked to sleep in laboratory conditions without a clock to wake them up, so that the quality, type and duration of their sleep was observed. The results of this research have been published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

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