Hyundai and a concept city for the future

Hyundai Automobile Group has a great desire to expand its activities to other fields. This company in 2020 with the purchase Boston Dynamicsentered the field of advanced and intelligent robots. Earlier this year, this company showed that it is following the world of robots seriously by investing 400 million dollars in the field of upgrading robots and making them smarter. The big Korean company has now introduced a conceptual idea, showing its perception of future cities, which will be built based on the juxtaposition of hexagonal blocks.

The Hyundai Concept City is actually part of a virtual exhibition. In this exhibition, the new ideas of Hyundai are exposed to the visitors. The smart city project is the result of Hyundai’s collaboration with HyunJoon Yoo Architects. This city is a structure consisting of Hexagonal blocks and citizens are the main element in it. This structure is actually the cornerstone of Hyundai’s new idea; Koreans believe that such a structure has better and more harmony with the flow of life in a city and the necessary solutions.

The concept city, which was introduced last summer during the World Cities Summit conference, is completely smart.

Hyundai modern city with green core blocks

As you can see in the pictures, in the Hyundai city project, the core of each block Special for green space and artificial lake Is. Parks, buildings, dams and other urban elements are located around the core. If you look closely at the pictures, you won’t see a trace of a street in Hyundai’s advanced city, as cars have to travel through underground tunnels.

Koreans have their new city vehicles with Fully autonomous technology They imagine and consider regional hubs for the transportation and delivery of goods and services. Interestingly, robots are responsible for transferring goods from these hubs to emphasize the use of green and sustainable energy. Hyundai City Energy Concept by Fuel cell generators It is produced and distributed through a smart network.

Perhaps designing a city seems like an ambitious move by Hyundai. But this Korean company has been around for some time Solutions related to the transportation industry researches For example, last January, this company unveiled Plug & Drive robotic platforms. These platforms attach to small objects and move them using lidar technology and electric propulsion. Warehouses are places where these platforms can be used. The power of these platforms is so high that they can even move people. These platforms are controlled through a joystick.

Yongchu Chi, director of innovation department of Hyundai Motor Group, says about the company’s new project:

Cities are complex organizations and planning to build a complete and perfect city is a difficult task. But such projects can put us in the right direction.

Hyundai’s concept idea for future cities is very attractive, but since it relies heavily on advanced robots and self-driving technology, we will have to wait a long time to realize it.

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