I wish I knew that life is not just work

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, recently told an alumni gathering at Northern Arizona University that he wished he had known when he was younger that life is all about work. It cannot be summarized. He has advised young people to balance their professional and personal life and take time for themselves.

In a post on his blog, Bill Gates has published his recent speech at Northern Arizona University and offered advice that he wished someone had told him when he was younger. Gates explained to the graduates of this university: “When I was your age, I believed in Holidays And weekends I did not have. I pressured everyone around me to [روزانه] Work very long hours.”

Gates, who dropped out of college after three semesters to start his own company, says: “If you give yourself a little Comfortable Take it, you are not considered lazy. He explained that in the early days of Microsoft to create importance Balance between work and life He was not aware and watched from his office window which employees left the company early and which employees left the company later.

Bill Gates at the graduation ceremony

Bill Gates: Take time for yourself and others

“Don’t wait as long as I did to learn this lesson,” Gates says. Take time to nurture your relationships, celebrate successes, and recover from failures. whenever you need rest do. Don’t be hard on those around you when they need time.”

Gates also advised these graduates to make time for Reevaluating their life decisions assign Plus, he says you should always keep learning; Even outside the classrooms.

The co-founder of Microsoft says about career choices: “Right now you probably feel a lot of pressure to The right decision Take about your future career. You may feel that these decisions are permanent. But it is not so. What you do tomorrow — or in 10 years — doesn’t have to be what you do for the rest of your life.”

Gates asked the students to Friendly relations rely on themselves and carry out projects that seek solutions Big problems Like climate change or artificial intelligence biases: “You’re graduating at a time when you can help people a lot. New industries and companies are emerging every day, and if you are a change maker, you can create your future. Advances in science and technology have made it easier than ever to make an impact.”

What do you think about Bill Gates’ statement?

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