ideal for import; Economical and cheap Nissan X-Trail was introduced with the Dacia brand

Dacia Bigster is one of the three new Dacia products that will start an ambitious effort to strengthen Dacia’s position in the C segment of the crossover market while re-emphasizing the company’s commitment to accessibility. This model is actually an economical and cheap version of the well-known Nissan X-Trail platform (the new generation of Rooneys); A car that seems like a dream option to import to Iran.

Presence in this segment of the market (where currently only the Dacia Duster SUV is sold) will help the Romanian brand to continue its rapid growth in Europe. This allows Dacia to compete with peers (such as Skoda and Suzuki) that target wider markets with more products.

Dacia Bigstar

Dacia Bigster is a competitor to the likes of Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiaq. When launched in early 2025, it will be the largest and most expensive model in Dacia’s portfolio, but will still offer the same high purchase value as the Dacia Duster, Dacia Sandro hatchback and Dacia Jagger MPV; A point that the heads of Dacia mention as one of the main pillars of the brand’s appeal.

Dacia Bigster, the economical version of Nissan X-Trail

The Dacia Bigster will be built on the same CMF platform as its siblings, the Nissan X-Trail and the Renault Astral. This car has been engineered with a focus on affordability.

“Xavier Martinet”, the head of the marketing and sales department of this brand, said: “We know that the price is important for customers; Therefore, pricing cannot be the only result of our technical choices.”

Dacia Sandro and Dacia Duster are among the most economical models in their market. Dacia Bigster will seek to gain a significant share of the market with a lower price than its competitors.

The Romanian automaker has previously announced that the price of the SUV will be more in line with what customers expect from the lower end of the market and will be only slightly more than the Duster, which will enter its third generation next year.

When asked how this would be possible, Dacia CEO Denis Le Voet said: “Our instructions are very clear; We make essential cars. We design cars with zero waste content. Where the screen is not needed, we remove it. Also, where there is no need for driver assistance systems, we do not use them.”

This is the formula that Dacia has already used in its latest models. The company experienced a global sales increase of 6.8% in 2022 with sales of 573,800 units, making it the third best-selling brand for private customers in Europe.

How is the cost-effective production of Bigster finished?

Reducing the parts installed on Dacia Bigster will be effective in keeping its price low. But it’s the use of existing Renault Group hardware that enables Dacia to cut development costs. As a result, Dacia can minimize the final price of the car.

In line with the brand’s emphasis on simplicity, Dacia Bigster will be available with limited options; But it is expected that it will be offered with an internal combustion and electric engine like Nissan and Renault products.

The second one will most likely be derived from the Renault E-Tech full hybrid system, which was used in the Dacia Jager Hybrid, the first electric product of the Romanian brand. The all-wheel drive system will also undoubtedly be offered.

“We are taking advantage of the assets in the group,” said Le Vot before confirming that Dacia will introduce two new models after the Dacia Bigster. We are happy that we do not need to invest in this field.”

Most likely, one of these new products will be a Sandro-based station wagon. This car replaces the retired Logan MCV and competes with the Skoda Octavia State; While the launch of a low-end car similar to the Nissan Juke will strengthen Dacia’s presence in the highly competitive compact crossover segment.

While Dacia is looking to significantly expand its product range, a return to the lucrative light commercial vehicle market is not part of Denis Le Voet’s plans. Because their parent company, i.e. Renault, offers many products in this part of the market.

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