Image release of 800 watt RTX 4090Ti or TITAN graphics card

MEGAsizeGPU on Twitter Image of a possible new RTX 40 series model Nvidia has released that is obvious Shows RTX 4090Ti or TITAN.

It is said that the TITAN or RTX 4090Ti model from the new series of Nvidia graphics products has a four-slot design and its input/output (I/O) bracket will include display connectors on top of each other. This unusual design suggests that Nvidia once had plans to place the PCB vertically, or that it still has a product in the works.

Possible GeForce RTX 4090Ti graphics card design

Now kopite7kimi claims that this card is either the RTX 4090 Ti model or version TITAN RTX 40 series is under construction. So it seems natural that we don’t know its final name. However, in the newly released images, you can see the model number of the board PG137, which was previously known as PCB. This large 800 watt graphics card was proposed.

Another noteworthy point is the design of the golden cooler of this card, which is usually used in the Titan series of Nvidia products. Vertical design and overlapping HDMI ports And DisplayPort is also visible in it.

Vertical and stacked ports of Titan RTX 40 graphics card

According to the latest rumors, TITAN ADA graphics card From 18176 cores CUDA and probably 48 GB of graphics memory with a speed of 24 GB GDDR6X. The consumption power of 800 watts of this card was proposed as the maximum consumption power and it cannot be compared with the TDP of the RTX 4090 graphics card, which is 450 watts. Because its maximum power consumption is 600 watts.

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