Improved performance of The Witcher 3 on 9th generation consoles with new update

According to the report published by the Digital Foundry team, the performance of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game on 9th generation consoles has been significantly improved.

After the release of the latest update of The Witcher 3 on 9th generation consoles, we see the great performance of the game on these platforms. Recently, CD Projekt Red released the 4.02 update of The Witcher 3 game, in which the performance of the Performance mode has been improved. We are on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In their latest review of the game’s performance following the release of the new update, Eurogamer Media’s Digital Foundry team stated that performance The Witcher 3 has been significantly improved on 9th generation consoles.

After reviewing the details of the game’s performance on current generation consoles, Digital Foundry has announced that currently The Witcher 3 On PlayStation 5 in mode Performance runs almost constantly with a frame rate of 60. It should be noted that at the time of the release of the ninth generation version, we saw less game frame drops on PlayStation 5. Of course, to be precise, sometimes during battles and cutscenes, we see a drop of 2 frames, but in general, the frame rate of the game on the current generation Sony console is stable.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that sometimes while exploring the city of Novigrad, there is a significant frame drop, which Digitali Foundry does not consider this to be a big problem. Due to the constant shifting of NPCs, there’s always something new to load on the CPU, and you can generally expect a frame rate between 50 and 60 in Novigrad, according to the outlet.

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With the release of the 4.02 update, the performance of the game on the Xbox Series X console in Performance mode has been significantly improved, especially in terms of frame rate. Before the release of the 4.02 update, the frame rate of the game on the Xbox Series X barely reached 60 frames; While after the release of this update, we see The Witcher 3 running at 60 frames per second on Microsoft’s 9th generation console. Also frame rate while browsing in Novigrad It is also associated with a lower drop than before.

In general, the new game update has made the Witcher 3 experience much more enjoyable than before. On the Xbox Series S console, the frame rate of the game while exploring in the city of Novigrad increases by 8 to 10 frame rates with the resolution Dynamic 1080p is included; Although, like the performance of the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we sometimes see frame drops in this console.

After Digital Foundry’s comprehensive review of the 4.02 update, this media concluded that the game’s performance after the release of this update, especially in the Performance mode, has become much more stable than before; Although at some points in the game, the frame rate changes from a constant state to a range between 50 and 60 frames. In Ray Tracing mode, PlayStation 5 still suffers from frame drops; So we can see the drop of the game frame up to 26 frames. In this case, the frame rate of the game on Xbox Series X is fixed at 30 frames.

In general, the update of version 4.02 of The Witcher 3 significantly improves the performance of this game on current generation consoles, especially in Performance mode. Now, most of the time, the frame rate of the game on the 9th generation consoles is fixed at 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 continues to suffer from frame drops in Ray Tracing mode. Overall, Performance mode currently offers the best possible experience of The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

What do you think about this? Is The Witcher 3 Did you experience it after the release of update 4.02 on 9th generation consoles?

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