In a silent battle, Apple wants to purge iOS from Google services

According to former Apple engineers, the company is engaged in a silent battle with Google and wants to separate its mobile operating system from the services provided by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Apple apparently wants to focus on maps, search engine and online advertising.

Google and Apple do not have a very friendly relationship with each other, and it seems that this relationship will become colder in the near future; Because Cupertinos have focused on services that are the core of Alphabet and Google’s dominance in the mobile world.

Apple still hates Google for Android

According to a report published by the Financial Times, former Apple engineers have claimed that Apple still holds a grudge against Google over Android. The people also claim that the Cupertinos have started a silent war with Google in hopes of separating their products from Google’s services.

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The dispute over Android between Google and Apple is not a new issue and it has existed since the creation of Android. When Android arrived nearly 15 years ago, former Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs described it as a pirated product that imitated iOS. Jobs even went so far as to declare a “nuclear war” with Google.

Even though it’s been years since Steve Jobs’ death and Tim Cook is managing Apple, it seems that Apple still wants to fight Google. In this regard, it has been said that the Cupertinos want to go to war with Google by improving their services in three areas. These areas include maps, search and online advertising.

Apple has been working on Apple Maps for a long time to eventually completely replace Google Maps. The Cupertinos have even recently unveiled a new feature called Business Connect, where companies can own their own digital presence, which is no different from the service that Google offers to its partners.

The second area where Apple wants to challenge Google is the search engine. The Cupertinos are working on a search tool with the possible name of “Apple Search”, which is of great importance. The reason for this importance is the high share of the Google search engine in the market.

We’ve been seeing reports of Apple’s search engine in development for a long time, but we’ve yet to come across such a product. In fact, such a search engine will be like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, Apple’s dependence on Google will probably decrease significantly, but on the other hand, the billions of dollars that Google pays Apple to keep Google Search as the default search engine will go up in smoke.

Apple also wants to go after Google’s online ads; A business that is apparently more vulnerable now than ever before; Because, for example, just yesterday, the US Department of Justice complained about it. Advertisements make up a large part of Google’s revenues, and if Apple wants to seriously enter this market, Google will certainly face many problems.

By entering the online advertising market more seriously, Apple can control the ads that are served to iPhone users, which is a big plus.

Finally, according to this report, Apple is closing its distance to the point where it can sever its connection with Google and no longer depend on this company in iOS. However, it is still too early to draw conclusions about Apple’s future actions.

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