Increasing the possibility of free release of the big online game The Last of Us

According to the latest game news, the chief designer of Fortnite’s monetization system has joined the Naughty Dog game development studio.

Naughty Dog Studio’s next big project is a massive multiplayer game from The Last of Us series. Recently, an expert in the field of providing this type of games has joined this first-party (special) team of Sony.

Although only very brief details and a concept image of this work have been published so far, the reports can provide more information about this multiplayer game. For example, not long ago, a list of job requirements was published by Naughty Dog, and its description showed that the multiplayer AAA game The Last of Us will probably be released as Free to Play. Recently, a report has been released that increases the possibility of this upcoming game being free.

recently Andres Howard, a veteran member of the Fortnite development team, has joined Naughty Dog as the lead designer of the monetization system, as he recently announced on LinkedIn. Howard worked as a Senior Systems Designer at Epic Games for seven and a half years, working on Fortnite’s monetization system, Battle Pass, progression mechanisms, and more. He also advised different game development teams to implement similar models in Rocket League and Fall Guys.

From January to October of this year, Howard worked at Ubisoft’s Stockholm branch as the lead designer of social and economic systems for a new IP.

Artwork of The Last of Us multiplayer game

Earlier this year, reports suggested that The Last of Us Online Massive Project was going to be a service-based game. So, with the addition of Howard to Naughty Dog Studio, we will probably see advanced monetization systems in this game and the free release of the product.

Neil DruckmanThe head of Naughty Dog Studio, Naughty Dog, previously said that the exact details of The Last of Us online game will be released in 2023. There is no word yet on the target platforms of this game. However Herman HalstThe head of PlayStation Studios recently announced that Sony’s future live service games, unlike single-player games, can be released simultaneously on PlayStation consoles and computers; While single-player games will be available only on Sony consoles for at least one year.

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