Increasing the supply of PlayStation games on PC

While Sony emphasizes that it will continue to offer PlayStation games on PC, its economic justification can be well seen in the amount of revenue generated by this company.

Last of Us Part 1 game performance On the PC platform, at best, it was not as expected; The game’s technical and graphical glitches have been around for about a month, and Naughty Dog is still busy fixing the issues. However, it seems that Sony’s approach to providing more first-party games on the PC platform remains the same.

Signs of the success of Sony’s strategy can be found in the company’s 2022 financial report. Where in the “Other” category of additional information of the game and network section of this company, significant achievements can be seen. This segment includes the company’s revenues from the sale of accessories, including PlayStation VR, and revenues from the sale of Sony’s first-party games on other platforms.

Conflict in Miles Morales' Spider-Man game

With a simple comparison between the level of Sony’s revenue generation from the first party PlayStation games on other platforms, we can see the significant growth of this area in the company’s annual revenues. In the following, you can see estimated statistics from the “Other” section of Sony’s revenues in 2021 and 2022:

  • First quarter of 2021: about 386 million dollars
  • Second quarter of 2021: about $303 million
  • Third quarter of 2021: about $347 million
  • Fourth quarter of 2021: about $379 million

But as you can see, in 2022, the situation has completely changed and the numbers of the previous year have almost doubled:

  • First quarter of 2022: about $443 million
  • Second quarter of 2022: about 400 million dollars
  • Third quarter of 2022: about 600 million dollars
  • Fourth quarter of 2022: about $1 billion

Of course, this is a small part of Sony’s gaming revenue in the past year. For example PS4 and PS5 They were looking for a total of 8.2 billion dollars in revenue generation for this company. While the revenue from software sales of this company’s products exceeds 12.5 billion dollars. But in any case, Sony has shown interest in becoming prominent in the PC platform and will continue this policy.

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