Instagram is available again after a few hours outage

Instagram was unavailable for several hours this morning. During this time, users could not update the feed of this social network and faced an error. The website of this company was just displaying a white page. But now the problem is solved.

According to the DownTracker website, the first reports of Instagram outages around 01:30 in the morning It was published today Iran time. A little later, the number of these reports reached 175,000. However, this social network apparently 3 in the morning It was made available again and now works without problems.

A spokesperson for Meta, the owner of Instagram, told The Verge in an email about the disruption: “A few hours ago, a technical problem caused some users to be unable to access Instagram. “We fixed the problem as quickly as possible for everyone who was affected, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”


The company did not say exactly how many users were affected, but the website DownTracker indicated that at least 100,000 users in America24 thousand users in Canada and 56 thousand users in Great Britain had lost their access. During this outage, when the user opened the Instagram app, it was as if he faced a crashed version of the feed of this social network. Trying to refresh the page will also result in the Couldn’t refresh feed error.

Other meta services such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Horizon Worlds have apparently continued to work without problems. As a result, it does not appear that a disruption as large as the 2021 disruption has occurred. Instagram has yet to release further details about the outage.

In the big outage of 2021, a botched routine update to BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, apparently caused the disruption, knocking out the company’s services for 6 hours.

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