Instagram made it possible to use avatar and profile picture at the same time

Instagram New feature Dynamic profile picture has introduced that allows users to Profile picture And Avatar Show yourself at the same time. Before this update, users could choose between their profile picture or avatar, but now you can use both on your profile.

Meta’s social network In a tweetwhile releasing a video that shows this feature, he said:

“You can now add your avatar to the other side of your photo and people visiting your profile can switch between the two.”

How to change Instagram avatar and profile picture

As seen in the animation above, after setting your avatar through the “Edit Profile” section, users can change it to an avatar or photo by dragging your profile picture.

In addition, Instagram notes that in this update, for the first time, an animation for avatars has been introduced; Because your avatar will be seen wavy when displayed.

Meta added avatars to Instagram nearly a year ago, and now it’s trying to make them more prominent in the app by adding features like dynamic profile pictures. The company first launched the avatars in 2020 as a way to compete with Snap’s Bitmoji, and has since been constantly updating them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

The new dynamic profile photo feature has been launched as Instagram CEO Adam Mussery said a few days ago that the social network will focus more on photos in 2023. In a question-and-answer session with users, Moussari admitted that Instagram paid a lot of attention to videos last year, and now it’s time for photos. He also assured users that photos will always be important to the platform.

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