Instagram’s age verification system via selfies will be activated in the UK

Instagram during this week Age verification system AI-powered selfie video uploads will be enabled in the UK to prevent users under 18 from misrepresenting their age on the social network.

About 6 months ago, Instagram announced in cooperation with the company Yoti, tests the system for verifying the age of teenagers. In this system, users need to share a selfie video of themselves on this social network to open a user account. Instagram, through the system based on artificial intelligence, the date of birth of the user with face scan He adapts so that users under 18 years of age are separated from others. Now, after about 6 months, this system is going to be activated in the United Kingdom and the European Union this week.

Age verification system on Instagram

Yoti, with its artificial intelligence system, is going to analyze the selfie videos sent to the Instagram social network, so that it can, in this way, Age of users Estimate the teenager. Some teenage users under the age of 18 do not enter their date of birth correctly on Instagram, and Instagram asks these users to send a selfie video to this social network so that their real age can be determined.

Using this system, teenage users under the age of 18 years They cannot register their date of birth incorrectly so that their age is over 18 years old in this social network. Of course, apart from sending a selfie video, users have other options to verify their age. For example, users can share a picture of their driver’s license or other Instagram-approved ID to have their real age verified by the social network.

The purpose of doing this is that users under the age of 18 are not exposed to content that is not suitable for their age. It seems that Instagram plans to enable the age verification system in other geographies soon.

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