Intel presented the “green computer”; 90% recyclable

Intel has unveiled a product that has a low environmental impact by holding an event in China. Dubbed the “Green Computer,” the product was developed in collaboration with Intel, Tsinghua Tongfang and Acer, and features a computer with 90 percent recyclable parts that can be used as an everyday computer.

Global warming and climate change have caused people to pay more attention to energy consumption and pollution production of their various products. In this regard, some companies also want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Intel is the manufacturer of one of the most important parts of the computer, i.e. the central processor or CPU, however, it cannot make computers greener alone and must cooperate with other companies to achieve this goal; That is, exactly what he has done for the green computer.

Intel green computer with smaller and recyclable parts

Intel has shown off the computer with one of its 12th-generation Alder Lake processors, though it says it can be configured with Core i5 to Core i9 processors. Of course, due to the use of a standard cooling fan, it cannot be counted on for heavy processing.

Intel has considered the Intel Green Computer Software Control Center software for this computer, which dynamically detects the workload and adjusts the computer’s performance based on it to have the best energy efficiency.

Intel green computer

The motherboard with the printed circuit board (PCB) of this computer has reduced the number of parts by 22% and increased it from the usual 1800 parts to 1400 parts. Also, the energy efficiency of this motherboard has improved by 6%. One of the reasons for the recyclability of this computer is related to the metal, glass and organic materials of the PCB.

According to the image, the motherboard of this computer uses SO-DIMM memory sockets, an MS slot and a PCIe x16 slot. According to Intel, the motherboard of this computer is 36% smaller than a typical ATX motherboard, and its gallium nitride power supply system is 70% smaller than a typical ATX PSU. In this sector, Intel has been able to reduce its carbon footprint by 90%. The chassis of this case is only 7 liters in size and uses 4 screws.

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