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Interesting facts about American Sniper movie The life story of Chris Kyle

War movies, especially movies based on real events in war zones, are not few, but the name American Sniper has always been one of the brightest names among them. A film that tells the story of Chris Kyle, one of the best snipers of the American army, and depicts his life story from meeting his wife to serving in the war zones in Iraq with very beautiful details.

Produced by Clint Eastwood, with its wonderful atmosphere and story process, as well as with the help of the eye-catching role-playing of its actors, it presents a valuable and high-quality work to its audience, so that not only lovers of war movies, but all moviegoers will enjoy watching it. This film, produced by Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood, based on a book written by Chris Kyle himself, was made in 2014 with a budget of 60 million dollars and managed to experience a very good sale of 550 million dollars at the box office. In this article, we decided to take a look at American Sniper movie interesting facts; Facts you may not know about.

Sniper taking aim in American Sniper movie

1- Start of the construction process

You probably also agree that Clint Eastwood can be considered one of the best cinema directors at the moment. Bradley Cooper, the producer of the movie American Sniper, after talking with Chris Kyle, the main character of this movie, realized that he will give the right to make a movie based on his story to only one person, and that person will be none other than Clint Eastwood.

Chris Kyle, who is known as one of the best snipers in the history of the US Army, met with Bradley Cooper after mentioning this and told him that the only person he can trust for this movie adaptation is Clint Eastwood. For this reason, Bradley Cooper had to convince Clint Eastwood to take on the task of directing this film in order to acquire the right to make this movie adaptation, which fortunately, Clint Eastwood himself was very interested in making Chris Kyle’s story.

In a very interesting interview before the release of this movie and before his son’s death, Chris Kyle’s father said that if someone other than Clint Eastwood had directed this film, he would not have been able to portray his son’s epic story well, and the same could have happened to Chris. make him very angry. Before this incident, prominent directors such as David Ursel and Steven Spielberg were considered the main options to direct this movie, but their presence as the director of this movie did not end.

Bradley Cooper also wanted to convince Chris Pratt to play the role of Chris Kyle in the main role of this movie. Cooper believed that he could not portray all the emotional and important aspects of Chris Kyle’s character, and for that reason, he considered Chris Pratt to be a much more suitable choice for this role. However, after a long talk with Bradley Cooper, Chris Kyle convinced him to take on the role himself; Because he had more confidence in Bradley Cooper to play his role.

Sienna Miller as Taya Kyle in American Sniper

2- Sienna Miller as Taya Kyle

Sienna Miller was able to play a very good role in the movie American Sniper as Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle’s wife, and this happens for a very interesting reason. Before the explanation of this case, let us also point out that before choosing Sienna Miller for this role, other prominent actors such as Jamie Alexander, Kate Mara and Evangeline Lilly were considered by the creators of this film, and in the end, the task of playing this role was given to Sienna Miller. .

Miller communicated with Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle’s wife, by e-mail before the shooting of American Sniper, and then these two people talked to each other for a long time through video calls, and after a few weeks, Sienna Miller went to Los Angeles. so that he can meet Taya Kyle and her family closely. In this trip, Miller did his best to learn Taya Kyle’s moral qualities, how she talks, walks and other behavioral details, as well as get an overview of their family and get to know them closely.

Sienna Miller said in an interview that the most difficult part of the trip was Taya’s manners in starting a conversation. As Taya Kyle himself has mentioned this issue and we can also see this issue in his first meeting with Chris in the movie, he had a lot of trouble to start a conversation with the person in front of him and later even in front of his wife he could not have a conversation well. start For this reason, Sienna Miller not only learned the moral details of Taya Kyle, but also had to practice these small details and her small moral problems in order to portray this role in the most realistic way possible.

Hugging a doll in American Sniper by Bradley Cooper

3- Using a doll instead of Chris’s child

This is probably one of the most interesting points that you will come across in this article. In one of the sequences of this movie, when Chris Kyle returns home from the war zones, he hugs his newborn child, and at this moment we can easily understand that something is going wrong. The child that Bradley Cooper is holding in his arms at that moment is not a real person at all and is a doll, not a special doll that closely resembles a real child, but a very simple doll that is not at all hard to recognize instead of a real child. ; But why?

In modern cinema, there are many ways that filmmakers could have used to depict a real child in that sequence; From computer images to the use of very realistic and controllable dolls. To depict the baby Chris and Taya, two babies were chosen who lived almost near where the scene was filmed. Exactly on the day of the filming of that sequence, the parents of those two children decided not to bring their children to the filming set so that they would not be in this movie; Because they believed that dangerous mental problems might arise for their baby, and of course, after some time, they lied to themselves and said that their baby was not feeling well that day!

However, after talking to Chris Kyle’s family, Clint Eastwood agreed to only use one doll in that sequence to show the parents of the two children that one of their children would be better suited to the role. However, after filming this sequence for the other moments where we see Chris and Taya Kyle’s child, the filmmakers used other real children whose parents had no problem with their presence in the movie after that incident. However, when this baby grows up, he can claim to have starred in a movie alongside Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper!

The ruins of the Iraq war in the movie American Sniper

4- Filming location

Many parts of the American Sniper movie take place in Iraq, but none of the moments of the movie were filmed in this country or in any country in Asia. In fact, all the moments of the movie that take place in Iraq and the main characters are doing their duty in this country, were filmed in Morocco. All filming stages were done in Morocco in a movie town and all of it was completed in 11 days.

Other parts of this movie were made in the state of California in the United States, ironically, very few parts of the story of the film were made in the same state in Iraq. Andrew Lazar, one of the producers of the movie American Sniper, said in an interview about this that they planned to film the story of the important events of Chris Kyle’s life in the same state where they happened. For example, Chris and Taya’s first meeting as well as Chris’ training in the army all took place in the state of California, and for this reason, the filmmakers did not want these events to be filmed in a state other than California.

Also, the filming of the final part of the film, where we see a huge sandstorm, was also done in the state of California and in an abandoned milk factory, which was used as a part of this country in another movie that took place in Iraq years ago. Asian was depicted. Also, the sandstorm at the end of the film is a combination of special effects and real images of a real sandstorm. To depict these moments, Clint Eastwood was against the idea of ​​having the sandstorm completely rendered by computer programs; Because the viewer communicates much better with real images.

Chris Kyle in the trenches thinks American Sniper

5- Bradley Cooper’s amazing actions

This part of the article may be longer than its other explanations; Because Bradley Cooper did his best to depict the life story of Chris Kyle so that this character would go to the cinema screen flawlessly. From very hard and real exercises to gaining weight in a short period of time.

At the time when the story of the film is told, Chris Kyle weighed 105 kg and his tall height and prominent muscles made him a very strong and stout character. After the confirmation of Bradley Cooper’s role as Chris Kyle, Cooper weighed 81 kg at that time and according to his words, playing with this weight as a 105 kg character was considered a very ugly joke.

For this reason, Bradley Cooper consumed 6,000 calories a day so that he could gain about 25 kg very quickly to reach Chris Kyle’s real weight. This issue becomes noticeable when Bradley Cooper’s weight gain should be accompanied by heavy sports so that his weight gain is completely real. His body was constantly burning calories during these exercises, and on the other hand, he had to consume 6,000 calories a day to compensate for this, which is why Bradley Cooper’s weight gain is admirable. Also, after filming American Sniper, he had to lose weight very quickly to appear in The Elephant Man.

Bradley Cooper’s changes are not only limited to his weight, but also to his speaking tone. To portray the character of Chris Kyle, Bradley Cooper intended to speak exactly with the real accent of Chris Kyle, and for that reason, he practiced four hours a day to be able to speak like Chris with a special Texas accent. In an interview, referring to this issue, he said that he used to get up at 5 in the morning, exercise from 6 to 8:30 in the morning, and from 10 to 12 and from 12 to 2 in the afternoon, he would engage in exercises related to Chris’ dialect and accent. And then from 6 in the afternoon to 8 in the evening, he would follow the bodybuilding exercises again.

This intensive program was done by Bradley Cooper for 5 days a week, and on the last two days of each week, by attending a camp related to the US Army, he did special exercises with the soldiers of the army and shot with real weapons in order to be able to portray the character of Chris Kyle. Play completely real. In this camp, he trained with the main weapons of the US Army along with real bullets so that he could work with these weapons in the film in the most natural way possible.

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Sienna Miller, who played the role of Taya Kyle, said in an interview with EW about Bradley Cooper: “If you’ve only seen Bradley Cooper once in the past and then you see him on the set of American Sniper, it’s like two completely different people. you have met Bradley had become a completely different person and apparently Chris Kyle himself was present during the making of the film.

During the process of making this movie, Bradley Cooper not only used the real shoes of Chris Kyle, which he wore during his service, but after the agreement of the US Army, he was also able to get permission to use the real weapon of Chris Kyle, so that the equipment of this character in the film is exactly Be the same devices that Chris Kyle used in reality.

Cooper said in a television interview about his experiences in this film: “American Sniper changed my life in many ways and left a huge impact on my feelings and emotions.” On a personal note, it was very rewarding to set a goal that I doubted I would achieve and achieve it. The fact that I was able to portray such an important character, the fact that Chris Kyle’s husband and father trusted me in this way, these are very great honors that I am proud to receive.”

He went on to say: “Clint Eastwood is one of the most important reasons that made me interested in acting, and being with him at every stage of making this movie is considered one of the most valuable experiences in my life.” From Bradley Cooper’s words, we can clearly understand how important making this film and playing a role in it was for him and what a great impact it had on his personal life. Which makes his actions to portray Chris Kyle all the more amazing.

What do you think, dear Zumji site companions, about the American Sniper movie? If you have an interesting point about this movie that is not mentioned in this article, share it with us and other Zumji site audience.

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