Internet infrastructure development is the necessity of digital health development

“Mehrshad Timuri” stated that the development of Internet infrastructure is an essential need for the development of digital health, and said that in the second half of 2011, online visits have decreased and the reason for this is the disruption of Internet access.

Emphasizing the importance of developing internet access infrastructure for the development of digital health, the CEO and co-founder of Hippocrat attributed the internet disruption and internet access challenges in the second half of 1401 to the decrease in video online visits and the increase in telephone medical consultations.

According to Digiato’s report and quoted from the public relations of Bocrat, “Mehrshad Timuri”, the CEO and co-founder of this platform, stated that about 30% of online consultations lead to the prescription of electronic prescriptions, and 50% of electronic prescriptions are related to the prescription of psychiatrists and psychologists. .

Video online counseling to online appointments in Hippocrates

Explaining that Hippocrat’s online health platform is one of the most complete platforms in the field of providing online health services to doctors and patients, Timuri said: “All kinds of video, telephone and text online consultations are provided in Hippocrat.”

Pointing out that in addition to these services, electronic prescriptions for social security and health insurance are also provided, he said: “It is clear that online consultations will save a lot of time and money for patients.”

According to Timuri, these days when traffic has become a serious challenge and is not limited to a specific hour, one must spend a lot of time moving. In such a situation, the importance of using technology in the field of health multiplies.

The co-founder of Hippocrat stated that patients, even if they are employed, must take a few hours off to see a doctor and have a significant amount of time to perform an examination in the doctor’s office, saying: “This is while using Hippocrat’s services provides this opportunity to the patient. It is possible to communicate with the desired doctor online at any place without spending extra time and delaying around the clock.”

Internet is the key to solving traffic!

Pointing to the importance of infrastructure development and internet access conditions, he said: “All these facilities and features are good when the country’s infrastructure and internet conditions are suitable so that uninterrupted and proper communication on the platform between the patient and the doctor is formed.”

Confirming that in the post-Corona period, the amount of online consultations has generally decreased, Timuri said: “Despite this decrease, before the Internet disruption compared to the period before the spread of Corona, the use of online medical services is still in a good place and growing. It was supposed to be.”

Describing the conditions and providing statistics about the growth of this field, he said: “In the first half of 1401, we saw a monthly growth of 30% in video consultations. This is while the second half of 1401 saw a sharp drop in the use of online services due to very unfavorable conditions and frequent internet outages.

According to the CEO of Hippocrat, the repetition and continuation of the Internet disruption process caused video consultations to partially replace telephone consultations.

Electronic prescribing after the start of the Internet challenge

Electronic prescribing is another area of ​​digital health that the Ministry of Health made significant efforts to develop last year. Of course, these efforts were also in line with the creation and formation of the digital health file.

Now, in spite of the problems that have arisen in the course of accessing the Internet for the general public, the question is raised, which diseases are the most prescribed electronic prescriptions recently?

In response to this question, Timuri said: “In relation to electronic prescribing, among online consultations, about 50% of electronic prescriptions are related to psychiatrists and neuropsychologists.”

He continued his explanation about electronic prescribing, pointing out that in general about 30% of online consultations lead to the prescription of an electronic prescription, he said: “For face-to-face consultations, about 20% of the prescriptions are related to gynecology, obstetrics, internal medicine, and cardiology doctors. “

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