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What is a video mixer? ?

Video mixersare an integrated set of hardware that, using special software and technologies, allows viewing, moving or choosing between input sources. Video stream and providing real-time outputs to be sent to the antenna (live broadcast). In addition, video mixers are used to combine and mix different videos, add footage or special effects, and create different transition modes from one input source to another.

The most important feature and ability of video mixers is the ability to make instant and immediate changes on live programs, as well as the integration of incoming streams from cameras, live videos being produced, as well as backup and archive videos. Many features, along with power, accuracy and speed of operation, have made video mixers the main option needed by producers and broadcasters of live programs; To the extent that only by using a video mixer, you can produce high-quality and attractive live programs.

Of course, video mixers include semi-professional to mid-range and very professional types in terms of live program production infrastructure and ready-to-operate platforms, and can meet normal daily needs, such as live broadcasting of a small business event, to extensive and large-scale needs. Live coverage of important national and international events.

All in all, video mixers, for worldwide broadcast coverage and control Concert ha and Live events, Religious events, Live interviews and popular Television, events And learning programs, Live sports events, Important political events As election And International congresses, Major business events And… they are considered an ideal and professional option.

Video mixers are usually used in control rooms and production and live broadcasting studios of television networks, portable stations and mobile television units with the ability to send live streams to national broadcast units and play a vital role in creating the integrity and maintenance of the production chain until live broadcast. have.

Samim company’s video mixer table; Proudly made in Iran

Samim’s video mixer table is the result of many years of efforts and efforts of internal experts of Samim Engineering Group, as the first and largest production knowledge-based company of its kind in the field of media and communication technologies.

Intimate mixer tablean ideal option for professional activists The field of audio and video It is customized with high reliability and 24/7 working power, according to the needs of domestic experts in the field of broadcasting. High build quality, professional user experience, appropriate technical support and after-sales service guarantee, place this product in the world’s advanced product category, with high operational standards. Until now, Japan was considered the only Asian country producing this product and possessing related technologies, but now with the entry of our beloved country Iran, the monopoly of this strategic product in the Asian continent has been broken.

Features of Samim video mixer desk

The Samim mixer desk is a professional 2M/E mixer with a three-unit frame and a hardware panel with 24 keys for selecting inputs. This video switcher has the ability to receive 32 inputs and provide 18 to 26 SDI outputs with full HD resolution.

Supported signals in the intimate video mixer are SDI signals with SD, HD and FHD resolution. For each M/E in this product, five main outputs are considered, which include PGM output with bypass relay, PGM reserve output, PGM clean output, Preset output, and Preset clean output. In addition to these outputs, the user can use 8 or 16 AUX outputs, which provide the possibility to control the input sources of the mixer table. In this powerful mixer, in addition to CUT and MIX as the main transitions, 130 different types of Wipe are considered as transitions.

In addition to this, each M/E of this intimate video mixer table has four Keyer layers, each Keyer layer can function as Key Chroma, Key Luminance, 2.5D DVE, etc.

Samim video mixer desk multi viewer

In addition to all these capabilities, three multiviewer heads have been considered for intimate video switchers, each of which can provide up to 8 image frames to the user in one display, these multiviewers can also be cascaded (series) and They can provide 16 in one or 24 in one picture frames. By using all three multiviewer heads placed on the device, the live program director can easily view 24 input sources on one screen. The default output of the multiviewers intended for the Samim mixer table is HDMI type. But the possibility of providing a multiviewer on the BNC output has also been seen in this product.

Samim video mixer clip player

This section includes a Clipstore along with a Delayer channel and five Clip Player channels, which with the help of a shared memory, has the ability to save and replay forty seconds of HD quality video. In this section, there is also the ability to save and replay input signals. It is also possible to transfer the clips that the user of the device has previously saved through the internal memory or USB flash drive or FTP server to the video mixer and use the replay of these saved contents during the production of the live program.

User panel of Samim image mixer

User Panel Intimate Image Mixer is designed as simple and user-friendly as possible, and the keys that are more useful are provided to the user with easier and faster access. Also, the use of a software panel installed on the main panel with the help of a 9-inch touch screen has made working with this professional mixer table easier and more enjoyable. In addition to these, a three-axis joystick is also on Main control panel Built-in device that makes it easier to use and speed up the setting process during live program production.

Special features of Samim computer video mixer table

One of the special features of the Samim video mixer table is the possibility of updating different parts of the device remotely. This means that the software or hardware updates that are provided over time to improve the performance or fix product bugs are simply injected into the device at the same place without the need to send the product to the company.

Another feature of this product is the modular design of its various parts, which allows for quick troubleshooting and troubleshooting of the product itself. In addition, the modular design ensures that the mixer table can always be active. and continue to function without interruption. This issue causes high reliability in using the mixer table 24 hours a day without interruption or stoppage of operation.

The ability to define users with different access levels is also considered for this professional mixer table. This gives the ability to personalize the use of the product to the main administrators and other users, and each user can save their own settings, snapshots, or macros in their user account and retrieve them when needed. .

Also, 40 GPO outputs and 8 GPI inputs have been considered for Samim’s video mixer desk, which can be used with the help of special keys embedded on the panel. For example, GPO outputs can be used as a Tally or a starter for a playout or an external multiviewer. The outputs of GPIs are also most used in calling macros and snapshots.

Samim Engineering Group With twenty-three years of professional activity in the broadcasting and communication industry, it is recognized as the first and largest knowledge-based manufacturing company in this field. In addition, Samim is the largest Iranian producer of broadcast products, which has focused all its efforts on designing and producing solutions based on modern media and communication technologies. Products and solutions that he hopes can be effective in building a more intimate and connected world.

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