Introducing Kidzi, a comprehensive digital platform for children and families

The importance of paying attention to the field of children in the digital space is increasing day by day. On this occasion, we went to the CEO of Kidzi, which was established with the aim of facilitating and educating children in the digital and banking space, and has now released significant products to the market.

“Mahmoudreza Farhadi” has been focused on the children’s field since 2013, and because of his interest in the services related to the children’s field in the virtual space, he entered the Pod collection as a product manager. Currently, he is clearly the manager of the Kidzi project, and we interviewed him to learn more about this project.

Digiato: To begin with, it might be good to talk about the Pod project and why you decided to have a special section for children, teenagers and families in Pod?

As we know, Pod was launched by Pasargad Bank with the aim of providing and developing the infrastructure to provide the household portfolio. One of the important consumers and users of the smart land of Pod are people under the age of 18 and guardians.

This class of users need special services to enter the digital space and use banking services.

Also, these users have special needs in the products and services sector, and the businesses that provide services to this group of users enter the market in a centralized and professional manner and provide diverse services in an integrated manner.

All these issues and existing limitations made us more determined to create a special, specialized and focused department called Child, Adolescent and Family Department. Currently, this department is operating under the “Kidzi” brand.

What infrastructural services and products have been offered by the Kidzi team?

Since the beginning of Kidzi’s concentrated activity, we have been working in several sectors. Some of our colleagues were involved in the development of the infrastructure of the child and adolescent platform. In this section, special services for child authentication, child login, family pod service, digital account service for children and teenagers, piggy bank and money have been launched. These services, in addition to being used in various products in Kidzi City, are also ready to be used in children’s and teenagers’ businesses active in cyber space.

In the product sector, during this time, we have launched several services in different fields in Kidzi Smart City. Co-play is a software that includes various and fun games. Users can communicate with other users and compete with each other and receive different prizes based on their performance.

Vidzi is a product in the image field of children and teenagers. In this product in different categories, users can receive quality and graded video content using their wallet and digital account.

Where do you see yourself in the baby market? An actor or a facilitator in this field?

The essence of Pod’s smart land strategy and Kidzi’s nature is based on playing a role in the support and facilitation layers to provide services to active and expert businesses. What is important and vital for us is providing infrastructure services in various aspects to businesses and not entering the specialized field and their ability to provide service to their end customers.

For this reason, Kidzi supports businesses in the field of children and is integrated in the final customers’ layer of urban areas, including specialized and diverse businesses in the field of children and teenagers.

In Kidzi, what steps have you taken in the field of children’s education?

Education is one of the three main pillars of education, health and entertainment in Kidzi Smart City. In the Pod platform infrastructure layer, we were specialized and fully engaged in various services in the field of education and now these services are being used in businesses in the field of education and online education management.

Soon, a new product will be unveiled in the city of Kidzi with the help and support of a start-up in the field of education that has used Pod platform infrastructure for launch. This product is focused on improving the process of people’s education and provides its education to students with a differentiated game method.

At the beginning of the interview, you discussed the digital account, explain a little more about the child’s digital account.

The digital account of children and adolescents of Pasargad is a special service of Kidzi on the Pod platform. This service makes it possible to open a digital bank account at different levels for the children of the same family and the subgroup of the father or mother.

According to their identity levels, children and parents will benefit from various financial and banking facilities. The focus and main goal of launching this service is actually teaching financial literacy to people under 18 years old in a real environment while maintaining the independence and safety of the child.

According to the explanations you gave, how can businesses benefit from the ecosystem of Kidzi City and the digital account?

Businesses at different levels and depending on their needs can use all kinds of POD and Kidzi infrastructure services through communication with Kidzi platform product partners.

In the basic mode, businesses that are interested in setting up a verified login service for people under 18 years of age, as well as creating the ability to use children’s wallets and accounts in business, can easily use these services with the help of colleagues. Implement Kidz on your product.

Currently, what steps should parents follow in Kidzi to open a child’s account?

Account opening can be done both by the child and by the parents. People under the age of 18, who have created a user profile for the first time from any of the products in Kidzi Smart City, have actually completed the initial steps of opening a digital account for them.

Also, parents can create usernames for each of their children through their own product called Zippad application. After authenticating the children, digitally and without the need to be present at Pasargad Bank branches, a Pasargad child and adolescent digital account will be created for them.

If needed, parents can apply for a special bank card for their children through Zipod, so that they can make purchases using their own special bank card through POS terminals under the supervision of their parents. This card will be delivered to your door in a short time.

In the field of digital accounts, what competitive advantage did you create over the accounts that parents opened for their children in the past?

As mentioned, this account is created digitally without the need to be in bank branches. All the steps of creating an account, such as specifying a name and providing personal information and authentication, and parent-child communication, are done digitally and through Zipod software. Also, the requested bank card will be delivered to him immediately at his door.

In addition, children can use their special account, which is a subset of their father’s or mother’s account, online and offline. The possibility of charging the account and also creating restrictions such as the amount of daily consumption and the place of consumption and other features can also be managed by the parents of the child through Zipod software. Parents can also view and manage their child’s financial activities if necessary.

As a last question; What vision do you have in mind for Kidz?

Our goal at Kidzi is to create a safe and simple platform for children and family businesses. We believe that due to the diversity of specialized services in the field of children, the need to integrate, facilitate and support this type of business is our ability and filling these gaps is the most important thing we are doing to create a comprehensive and complete platform as well as manageable for To create businesses so that our children can work in a safe, managed, diverse and fun environment.

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