Introducing Light Yagami from the Death Office anime

If you are among anime fans, you must have heard the name Death Note and as a result, you are familiar with the character of Light Yagami. Yagami is the best and most interesting character of this anime series that has many fans. The Office of Death is a manga series by Tsugumi Oba as the writer and Takeshi Obata as the designer, which was later made into an anime and several movie adaptations.

Light Yagami, L, and Ryuk in the Death Bureau anime

Light Yagami is the main protagonist of the anime series Death’s Office. After accidentally discovering the Death Note, he decided to use it as a way to purge criminals. His attempt to punish criminals by killing each of them was known in Japan as Kira. But how is Light Yagami human? What were his goals and how far was he willing to go to achieve them? In the following, we will get to know a little more about this famous character of the anime world.

Light is a young man with light brown hair and brown eyes, overall he is handsome and graceful. He lives in Japan with his family. His father Soichiro is a member of the task force. He lives with his parents Soichiro and Sachiko, as well as his younger sister Sayo. At the beginning of the series, he is a twelfth grade student at Daikoku Private Academy. He later continues his studies at Tu Oh College.

Light is known as a hardworking and talented genius. A very intelligent boy who shows great skill in solving problems. He is a skilled planner and is good at shaping and drawing different scenarios. On the other hand, Light is a popular character among his peers, while his family members praise him. However, all this talent and of course all this encouragement and admiration has created a high level of pride in this young man. This was clearly visible as soon as he got the death notebook and even the initial spark of his next actions originates from here.

Different faces of the character Light Yagami and Light Yagami with an apple in his hand

Like his father Soichiro, Light Yagami has a strong sense of justice. However, when he becomes infected with a sense of power because of having the office of death, this sense of justice is also somewhat distorted and loses its color. Believing that the world is a corrupt place, he uses the Office of Death to impose his will to destroy evil people and, of course, evil from the world.

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His goal is to create a new world that is free from any filth and injustice. A place where only honest and kind people are allowed to be there. In this way, in the vision that he imagines for himself, Light Yagami is something like the god of this new world. Light does not hesitate to achieve this ambition, and this issue prepares the ground for his downfall. Meanwhile, despite being aware of his actions (killing villains and criminals), Light still sees his performance as a great sacrifice to help improve the world.

Three characters Light, El and Shinigami Ryuk

By using the book of death, Light Yagami’s character is gradually transformed and gradually shows a cold and cruel nature. He uses any means to achieve his goal. In the meantime, although his actions sometimes put his family members in danger, but Light tries to ignore this aspect by showing his true love and interest to them. This is especially visible when his sister Sayo is kidnapped and used to blackmail the family. In the series, we see that Light Yagami doesn’t seem to know anything about the torment of conscience.

Light’s degree of arrogance and cruelty is different. In the manga, film, and anime, Light’s character, in the form of Kira, rarely shows self-doubt and is steadfast in implementing his decisions. However, in the final part of the anime, when he is defeated by Nir and is in a critical situation, he sadly imagines how his life would have been if he had not found the death notebook.

Light and Ryuk with a background image from the first page of Death Note

Of course, his pride and cruelty are not portrayed much in the Netflix adaptation and are somehow considered unimportant, also the self-confidence of this character is somewhat less in these works. At the time of the murder of the FBI agents, he has shown signs of doubt and sometimes even wants to leave everything alone. However, Light is consistently portrayed as an idealist, someone who is willing to go to extreme lengths to defend his idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding justice and ridding the world of evil.

But it is not bad to look at this character from other aspects and review some interesting points about him.

Light Yagami looking at his watch

Light Yagami’s date of birth and age at death

Light Yagami was born on February 28, 1986. Oba, the creator of the show, predicted from the beginning that he would become a brilliant character. On the other hand, at the end of the Death Note series, Light was 23 years old. As a result, it can be concluded that he was killed at this age.

Misa Amane in the death office anime

Light never fell in love

Light may have killed for his goal, but it cannot be denied that achieving the goal was always the most valuable and important to him. That’s why he made great sacrifices to achieve his selfish goals, one of which is that he never got the chance to taste love. Misa Amane was never more than a weapon for Light and he used Misa to achieve his goals.

Light Yagami in the classroom

Light, an out-of-reach character

Even before the Death Note came into Light’s hands, he was different from most teenagers his age. He spent most of the days alone in his room studying for the entrance exam. He was popular with girls, but preferred not to waste his time on unnecessary social activities.

The main reason for Light Yagami’s special ethics and behavior was that his outlook on life was significantly different from others. He was an idealistic person and this belief and lifestyle made him a distant person from the eyes of others.

Light Yagami in the middle of the black with a red apple in his hand

double face

It is debatable whether Light’s attempt to cleanse the world of evil was the right thing to do or not, but in the end it must be accepted that in the beginning he was doing all these things with good intentions.

Death’s Office was instrumental in the formation of Light’s character as Kira

Light was trying to make the world a balanced place and bring peace, at first his actions were effective and the crime rate decreased dramatically. But the more he was captured by the power of the office of death, the more he lost his sense of morality and responsibility for his actions. The office of death had taken over his life like a curse. This is clearly visible when he temporarily left the office. During that time, she had reverted back to being the caring teenager she once was, but upon receiving the office again, she revealed her other face and became Kira again.

Light Yagami with Death Note in hand

Light ruined his life because of the notebook

According to Oba, since Light found the death book, the destruction of his life began. Maybe if he didn’t get the Death Note, he’d be a normal person with a normal life. He did not kill and did not commit terrible acts to achieve his goals. Basically, he became his own worst enemy when he found the office.

He could achieve greatness by using his intelligence. Even with his special abilities and sense of justice, Light was an excellent choice to serve in the police force. But finding the death book destroyed everything and ruined Light’s future.

The three characters El, Light and Misa Amane in the anime Dead Office

Light person is very clever

Light was very clever and intelligent, and this is one of the many reasons that made this character so popular. As an example, pay attention to the story of Light being caught by El.

The book of death has an interesting feature, and that is, if the book is lost or intentionally thrown away, all memories related to it will be erased from the mind of the book holder. Also, except for the user, no one else can see the information in it. Light took full advantage of this optimal opportunity and used it to exonerate himself and Misa. It was a shrewd decision that Light thought of making in the shortest possible time, and it shows his tact.

Light with red eyes next to police detective L

El was wiser than Light

We mentioned many times that one of Light Yagami’s outstanding features was his intelligence. However, it cannot be denied that in some cases El’s character appeared much wiser.

Both heroes sometimes won the field and sometimes lost. Light was undoubtedly smart, but there were times when he lost to El, or even because of his own performance. Their similarity is undeniable, but it must be accepted that El was the wiser person.

An image of Light Yagami with the background of the red-eyed shinigami Ryuk

Office of Death, the cause of Light’s death

On January 28, 2010, Light Yagami passed away. According to author Sugumi Obata, Light’s death was one of the most difficult moments depicted in the entire series. Even after his death, the character’s supporters continued to worship him, so that he achieved the status he had longed for, at least among his loyal fans. Because he appeared to them as a god.

But the interesting thing is that when Light and Ryuk met for the first time, Ryuk told him that one day he would probably write his name in his death book, and who could have believed that this prophecy would come true?

Death Note character Light Yagami chained to Police Detective L with red apple background

The last leaf in Light Yagami’s life book

Both in the manga and the anime, Light’s character eventually meets a tragic end. Despite the fact that he committed some unseemly actions throughout his life, the true essence of Light Yagami makes the audience feel very sorry for him.

In the manga, he reaches out to all his allies to help him, only to find that none of them are around him. He remembers how he abandoned them when they needed him more than ever, and that’s why he’s now alone. In his final moments, Light Yagami looks terrified as he repeats in his head, “I don’t want to die.”

In the anime lite, he has a relatively quieter death, but it’s still very sad. Especially from the point of view that he thinks about El in the last moments of his life.

Light with a wicked face along with El and Nair

Light’s fate after death

When Light dies, he has no chance to go to Heaven, nor is he assigned a place in Hell. Tsugumi Oba had planned from the beginning that there was nothing beyond death. However, according to some fans, Light’s journey ends in the Shinigami realm after death.

In “Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God”, a retrospective of the anime series, a shinigami asks Ryuk why he went to Earth and left his notebook. According to fans, Shinigami is actually Light because of his appearance and his desire to go to the human world.

Ryuk in the right corner, Light Yagami in the middle and Police Detective L in the left corner

Light didn’t trust the death office at first

When Light found the office, he couldn’t believe it. Even at first he thought the book was more of a joke and when he used it to save a group of hostages he wasn’t really sure if it would work or not. It was only after the work was done that Light Yagami was finally convinced that the Death Note was real and that he could use it to achieve his goals.

Light and Ryuk next to the characters of the anime Death Parade

The presence of Light Yagami in the two anime Full Metal Panic and Death Parade

If you are a true fan of the Death Note anime and have had the opportunity to watch the “Full Metal Panic” anime, you must have noticed this. In the sixth episode titled “Edge of Heaven”, there are many characters from the anime “Death Office”, and Light is one of them.

On the other hand, Madhouse, the studio that produced the Death Office anime, has also worked on another anime series called Death Parade. Light’s presence in this anime has not been officially confirmed, however, many fans believe that Light had a brief role in this series. There was a man exactly like Light in one of the episodes of the anime, and one of the characters had to choose which one to kill between him and the other person.

Like Yagami, the anime character The Office, except with an evil laugh

The number of people killed by Light Yagami!

There is only one report that specifically mentions the number of people killed by the Light. Light Yagami himself made this claim and said that he killed 124,925 people in total. Of course, this is Lite’s own claim, and we’re not sure what the actual number is.

In the end, I hope you enjoyed this review and being with us. What does the character of Light Yagami mean to you? Do you approve of him and his actions, or do you think he went a little overboard to achieve his goals? What would you do with the book of death if you got it? We are still eagerly waiting to hear your opinions, be sure to share them with us. Thank You

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