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Introducing the anime Chainsaw Man Chainsaw madness against demons

With a glimpse of the currently airing anime of Chainsawman, we can see why having a team of brainiacs to make anime is always a blessing.

Chainsaw Man anime is one of the expected anime of 2022, which MAPPA studio is in charge of making. The broadcast of Saw Man anime started on October 12 and has high hopes of attracting the maximum audience. Chainman is a shounen, action and supernatural anime, with the theme of gore and dark fantasy, which deals with the adventure of its heroes in a world full of evil creatures and demon slayers with colorful motivations.

As we expect from anime with a grave theme, violence and killing can be seen in the anime Chainsawman. While everything is influenced by unbalanced and unique characters, the sense of suspense between laughter and terror is created in the interaction between them. However, at the beginning of the story and familiarity with its atmosphere, a strong sense of stereotyping can be seen along with the various components of Chainsawman, which, of course, the creators have made a good effort to get out of this familiarity.

The first cozy and power tour

Saw man anime story

The story takes place in a world similar to 1997, where demons (Akuma) are born from the fears of humans. Dangerous and mischievous demons whose power is based on the fear they inspire and wander between hell and earth. On the other hand, humans can make contracts with these demons to use their power. For example, in the first episode, we face a zombie demon who can control yakuza members like zombies.

On the other side, expert demon killers work to hunt and destroy these evil creatures. Of course, under certain conditions, demons can live in the bodies of dead people and acquire their memories and personality. In addition, demons that have the natural appearance of humans are good with humans.

Denji, the protagonist of the story, is a depressed young boy who plans to pay his late father’s debt to the yakuza by selling his body parts and working as an exorcist. With the help of his dog Puchita, who is armed with a demon chainsaw, Denji is assigned by the yakuza to kill evil creatures, while he has to give almost all the money he earns to the yakuza boss. In a world where the devil needs to destroy demon slayers to survive, the cozy life is always in danger.

While Denji dreams of living a normal life like other young people, it seems that this is never going to happen, as his expiration date for the yakuza comes to a heartbreaking end. Denji’s death is delayed due to a contract that allows Puchita to merge with him, and Denji becomes a human-demon hybrid that gains Puchita’s chainsaw ability. Continuing to get to know Makima, who is a devil hunter from the state security organization, makes Denji pursue his dreams in a new form.

Denji and Aki after the first tour of Makima's office

Saw Man Manga

The creator of Chinsamen manga, Tatsuki Fujimoto, was born in 1993 and has other works such as Fire Punch manga and Look Back one-shot. But the fame of this young mangaka (who has not yet published a picture of himself) was established with Chinsaman, and now this is his first work that has been turned into an anime. The first volume of the Chinaman manga was published in Shonen Jump magazine in 2018, and it was highly appreciated by fans due to the high violence and dark atmosphere of the story.

The Chinsaman manga was able to attract the attention of critics and achieved significant positions in various lists and received awards such as the best shounen manga in the 2021 Shogakukan Manga Award.

The first part of the manga ended with chapter 97 by December 14, 2020, and the second part of the manga from chapter 98 is being published on Shonen Jump Plus from July 13, 2022.

Power in the anime Chainsaw Man

Makers of Saw Man

Chainsawman is an anime that is wrapped in a crazy texture from the process and logic of the events to the behavior of the characters. From the creator of the manga to the animators and the director of the anime, the producers have not missed anything in this way. But with a little care in the credits at the beginning and end of the anime, we can find out their Eddie Dean to famous and special movies, which often have interesting coded references to the components of the anime’s story.

The credits of the anime Chinasa Man include numerous references to cinema

For example, in the title of the anime Chainman, there are many references to the works of Tarantino and the Coen brothers, the specific violence of the atmosphere of their films has always been influential in cinema. You can see some examples of these anime creators’ tribute to different movies below.

Anime like Saw Man

But should we sit down to see the anime Chinsamen or not? Well, watching Chainsman anime can be exciting for those who like to deal with otherworldly fantasy animes that have action and juicy violence.

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With these interpretations, the introduction of animes with a style and style similar to Chainsawman can clarify the task of the audience to choose it to some extent.

Tokyo Ghoul anime poster

Tokyo Ghoul anime

Humanoid and supernatural creatures called giants that feed on human flesh have given Tokyo a frightening peace. Kankiken is a boy who, after becoming a half-human-half-giant, must fight with his human and superhuman enemies in this new form.

Chinsaman could be a new Tokyo Ghoul in terms of attention, especially if the weaknesses of Tokyo Ghoul’s adaptation disappointed you, the hope that the mangaka of Chinsaman is working closely with Mapa in the making of the anime can ease everyone’s mind for a faithful and high-quality continuation of the anime.

Dorohedoro anime

Dorohedoro anime

In a post-apocalyptic future, there are two different dimensions in the world of humans and the world of wizards. Wizards travel by creating magical doors to the place where humans live, which is called the Hole, and test the power of their destructive magic on humans. Caiman is a human whose head was turned into a lizard by a witch and to destroy this spell he starts killing witches with the help of his friend Nikaido until he encounters a powerful group of witches.

The dark fantasy and the crazy atmosphere of Dorohodoro is something that, together with Mapa Studio, which created both animes, has created many common points in the experience of these two works.

Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Anime Jujutsu Kaisen (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Despite his talent in sports, Yuji Itadori joins the high school’s Paranormal Research Club to have more time for other activities, such as visiting his grandfather, whose last advice to Itadori is to always help people. After Itadori discovers a high-level curse and passes it on to his club members, his friends’ lives are put on the line and he is forced to swallow the spell to protect them. Next, Itadori goes to high school and finds the supernatural magic of jujutsu, and this is just the beginning of the story.

Jujutsu is also one of the exemplary examples in the supernatural style and fighting against evil forces, which has great hope of using genre stereotypes in a newer atmosphere. In addition, the presence of Mapa Studio has made common points in both animes to be seen more prominently, except for the production team.

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