Introducing the argument series (Beef). The bloody battle of Eli Wang and Steven Yen

The argument series (Beef) finally made critics and viewers think alike; Undoubtedly, one of the best series that has been made on the Netflix streaming service in recent times.

In early 2021, a project featuring a Korean director named Lee Seung-jin as the creator of the series and star actors Steven Yeun and Eli Wang to play the lead roles was announced and created a major battle. Finally, the streaming service Netflix managed to get the right to make and broadcast this series. Over time, other members of the production team as well as various actors were hired, and filming began in the middle of 2022. The collection, which was officially introduced as Beef, was first shown at the SXSW festival in March of this year.

Lee Sung Jin had announced from the beginning that he plans to make at least 3 seasons of this series. In his interview, he said: “I personally have many ideas to continue the story with. I think a second season should be made and we give Danny and Amy the chance to have more adventures together. I even have a very big and general idea that I can’t talk about right now. But even now I have a general plan for three seasons of this series in my mind.”

Stephen Yen screaming in his car in Beef

Critics who have watched the show have given it a very positive rating, with an average rating of 98%. In general, the critics believed that: “Eli Wang and Steven Yen in this series are a hostile and evil couple that is very attractive to watch; An attractive and high-quality comedy series that shows pity in small and small things well.” In addition to the two main artists of the project, Joseph Lee as George Nakai, Yang Mazzino as Paul Cho, David Cho as Isaac Cho, Patti Yasutake as Fumi Nakai, Mario Bello as Jordan and Ashley Park as Naomi, among others There are other artists who are in the acting team.

At the beginning of the story we see Steven Yen as Danny Chu who is upset with everything and everyone and bad things follow him wherever he goes. Since he’s constantly whining and paying no attention to anything but his own whining as he pulls out of the store parking lot, he pulls out completely distracted and suddenly hears the horn of another car that might have crashed into him. This incident makes him even more angry and he unconsciously decides to take out his anger on that car and the other driver. Meanwhile, many different things happen and it may crash again several times.

Eli Wang with a surprised face in his car in the series Beef

Finally, the fight ends against Danny’s will, but he manages to keep the license plate of the other car and get the driver’s information. He, who did not know the identity of the driver until that moment, goes to the house of Amy Lu (played by Eli Wang) as a contractor and finds out that the driver of that car is a woman; Because he was proud that Aimee had defeated him in a stupid fight. At this moment, their main fight begins and both of them want to vent their greed from their personal lives with the troubles they bring to each other.

On the one hand, no matter what Danny Chu runs, he does not get his desired job and income; His brother constantly disobeys him and does not walk with him in any way; The ex-fiancĂ© finds herself with another man who has a very good and peaceful life; He wishes to buy land and a big house for his parents to make them happy for the rest of their lives, but he can’t. On the other hand, Amy is not at all satisfied with her married life; He knows about his wife’s betrayals, but he does not bring it to himself; He is constantly working and has no time for his little child; He is not at all satisfied with his work situation, but he continues and does not see any other way.

Eli Wang and Ashley Park in the series Beef

The pranks that these two characters do in the argument series are very funny and entertaining at first, but as the story progresses, it reaches narrower and darker places. Both of them seem to know deep in their hearts that these things are not at all their dignity and so to speak, it is far from their character; But the question is, what exactly is their character? Because it seems that both of them are hiding their true personality as well as their feelings from the closest people in their lives and they are constantly wearing a mask on their face; It is as if they are getting closer to their main character with these works.

But the most interesting thing about the series Beef is that it starts with a funny stubbornness and gradually depicts more important and social issues. For example, sometimes you might feel like the movie Parasite; How it shows class differences, generational differences or cultural differences. In this series, everything starts with a very simple and perhaps silly dispute (something that may happen to each of us daily) and over time it reaches much more important and fundamental issues; The elements that have made the Argument series one of the best recent collections of the Netflix streaming service.

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