Introducing the character of Mikasa Akerman from Attack on Titan

Mikasa Akerman is the main female protagonist of the charming anime Attack on Titan. He is the one who is willing to sacrifice everything for love and friendship. Let’s get to know this popular character a little more.

Along with the main character Eren Yeager, two other key characters of Attack on Titan anime (Attack on Titan), Mikasa Akerman and Armin Arlert. Mikasa is Eren’s adopted sister and a mutual friend of Eren and Armin who grew up together since childhood. After the tragic event of his parents being killed, Eren’s father adopted Mikasa to live with him and his family.

Mikasa always hides her feelings, yet the kind of relationship she and Eren have is such that she is always ready to make any sacrifice to protect Eren. It can be said that an unbreakable bond has formed between the two, and since Eren’s mother asked Mikasa to take care of Eren, Mikasa feels obligated to serve this request with all her heart.

Attack on Titan anime character Mikasa Ackerman with short black hair

But who is Mikasa and what is her past? Mikasa lived with her parents in the Maria Wall Farmlands in the Shiganshina District. Her memories of that time were mostly sweet, though when her mother carved their family crest into the skin of her hand, it left a painful memory. Since he and his mother were the last of their kind, he became a valuable target for kidnappers. As a result, when smugglers tried to kidnap him, his parents were killed to protect him. This event awakened the fighting instinct that existed in the Ackerman clan in Mikasa.

After the death of his parents and when he was held captive by thieves, Eren Yeager came and saved him, and this was the beginning of the acquaintance of the two and a deep bond formed between them. Before the fall of Maria’s wall, Mikasa lived with Eren and his parents Grisha and Carla. As mentioned, Mikasa comes from a great and powerful family. He is the last descendant of the shogun clan to remain on Paradise Island, and as such is related to the Azumabito family and wields considerable political power in Hizuru.

Mikasa as a child with long black hair and a scarf

Although Mikasa always wanted a quiet and peaceful life, she joined the army because of her companionship with Eren, where she became known as the best soldier in the 104th Training Corps. Later, he joined Eren’s scouting unit or reconnaissance unit to protect him, and due to his remarkable combat capabilities, he became one of their biggest trump cards in dealing with the giants.

In appearance, Mikasa is now a tall and attractive woman. He has Asian features, pale skin, gray eyes, and black hair, which he now cuts. He has a tattoo of the Azumabito family crest on the outside of his right wrist, inked by his mother. He also has a small scar under his right eye from an injury he sustained during the Battle of Troost.

Mikasa often wears the main uniform of the Reconnaissance Unit and carries an all-around mobility device. He also has a green cape with the Wings of Liberty logo on the back, which he wears during some missions. But Mikasa’s casual outfit often consists of a simple white dress, a cardigan, brown boots, and her beloved scarf, which she always carries with her.

Mikasa and Eren as children

Before living with the Yeager family, Mikasa was a happy, friendly and kind child. The innocence woven into his taropod allowed him to easily leave worrying thoughts behind and enjoy a happy life with his parents and loved ones. But as Mikasa grew up, she became more and more emotionally isolated, and along with that, she started behaving in ways that sometimes even terrified her close friends, except her enemies. Mikasa has a good mental stability, rarely seen losing her cool or neglecting to do what she needs to do.

No matter how dangerous the situation, his will is always remarkably strong. She endures even the greatest sorrows with equanimity, though perhaps it’s only Armin who realizes the pain Mikasa is dealing with behind that cool and calm exterior.

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Mikasa deeply cares about her friends and those who care about her health. In fact, he considers them to be the last survivors of his family, those whom he cannot afford to lose. He tries to be kind to others, perhaps it should be said that the strong feelings he has towards his loved ones is also his weak point. These feelings are especially intense if they are in danger. Sometimes even his anger affects his judgment and in this way puts his life and others at risk.

Mikasa in army uniform with short hair

From an early age, Mikasa had extraordinary powers of perception. By watching how predators hunt and kill weaker prey, he was aware of the great and difficult struggle for survival in nature. She was a calm girl, but after her parents were killed in that brutal way, this calm disappeared. After this traumatic event, Mikasa’s view of the world around her changed and her naivety was replaced by a pessimistic one.

He now saw the world as a cruel place where only the strong could survive. Of course, his determination to protect his loved ones made his efforts to acquire skills more successful. However, while Mikasa is among the skilled and experienced soldiers, he is also humble and refuses to show pride and arrogance in any way.

Mikasa also has a special sensitivity to what is right and wrong, as a result, she uses everything in her power to keep her dear and close friends always on the right path. However, he is well aware of the fact that he cannot always take them under his wing and make decisions for them. Therefore, sometimes the only thing he can do is to follow them and respect their decisions and try to help them when problems arise.

The only reason she enlisted in the army was her strong sense of caring for Eren. This is a sign of Mikasa’s great sacrifice, because she really wanted to spend the rest of her life in relative peace within the walls, but her loyalty to Eren made her ignore this heart’s desire.

Mikasa and Eren together

The bond between Mikasa and Eren is undoubtedly her most important relationship, the one that defines Mikasa’s reality. Her character as a young girl was deeply influenced by Eren. He heard Eren’s words with John’s ears, so to speak, words that stayed with him forever and he always remembered them and was motivated by them. Mikasa always carries the shawl that Eren gave her when they first met and keeps it with her as a source of strength and comfort.

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He always seeks to ensure Eren’s safety, and on the other hand, he is spiteful and vengeful towards anyone who intends to harm Eren. Whether it’s an enemy threat or one of their superiors, Mikasa’s priority is Eren’s safety and peace of mind. The two may have lived together as brother and sister, but Mikasa’s cheeks flushed with shame when she sensed it might be romantic.

But when Eren insults her and states that he has always hated her, we clearly see Mikasa’s sensitive soul being broken and damaged. However, her love for Eren is not something that can be dismissed so easily. The love that stayed with him forever and even after all the unfortunate events and the heavy sadness that was imposed on him, he could not give it up.

But it is not bad to review some interesting facts about the character of Mikasa Akerman.

Mikasa fighting giants

Mikasa imitates Liwai’s attack style

Mikasa is always trying to increase or improve her skills. During the training course in the previous arcs of the series, she and Eren discover that Annie fights in a way they’ve never known before. As a result, both of them ask him to teach them.

After Levi uses his special attack technique to fight a titan, Mikasa tries to imitate him and use this technique to help Eren fight Annie. Fans may not have noticed this at first glance, but Mikasa uses this method in a crazy way, and the interesting thing is that maybe she herself is not aware of what she is doing, and she is unconsciously performing this move, which also causes It is more surprising.

Mikasa the warrior

Mikasa’s ancestors

It might not be discussed much in the anime, but as we said, Mikasa is half-Asian on her mother’s side. His mother is a member of a powerful clan with great fighting skills. In this way, we can say that Mikasa’s ancestry goes back to two very powerful clans, which may explain his fighting ability to some extent.

Mikasa in Paradise

Mikasa does not have the ability to become a titan

Since he is not a descendant of Eren’s ancestors, he does not have the ability to become a Titan. The anime doesn’t address this much, instead mentioning that Mikasa is part of the Ackerman clan and an Asian tribe, so she can’t transform into a titan.

Close up of Mikasa's face with long black hair

Mikasa’s hard character design

Fans of the Attack on Titan anime will likely enjoy Mikasa Akerman’s unique character design, but they may not be aware of the time spent designing this character and the difficulty of the process. Hajime Isayama had mentioned earlier that Mikasa was the most difficult character to draw. Considering the characteristics of this character and his background, this issue is not far from the mind.

A few interesting points:

  • In the first poll held about the popularity of Attack on Titan anime characters, Mikasa was ranked third, and after that we saw the rise and fall of this character’s popularity among the audience.
  • Hajime Isayama drew Mikasa inspired by a woman he met at a part-time job before starting his manga writing career. He specifically mentioned that he got the inspiration for Mikasa’s scarf, hairstyle, eyes and eyebrows from this woman. He also added that at first he planned to design Mikasa in a western form like other characters, but finally after seeing this woman he decided that she should be of Asian descent.
  • The name Mikasa is derived from the battleship Mikasa, a unique ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy that served as the flagship during the Russo-Japanese War. Isayama believed that series featuring female characters named after famous warships would be successful. It seems that this opinion is not so far-fetched.
  • The Mikasa family in Yiddish, which is a sub-branch of the German language, means one who works in the fields, which somehow refers to the activities of the Mikasa family.
  • Mikasa apparently weighs only 68 kg, yet she holds the title of the heaviest known female character in the series.
  • Mikasa’s blood type is AB.
  • It is true that Mikasa has a special interest in Eren’s gifted shawl, but according to Isayama, Mikasa prefers not to use the shawl on very hot days.
  • Hajime Isayama, the creator of Attack on Titan, announced in a statement that the three characters Mikasa, Liwai and Kenny are all part of Akerman’s bloodline. However, their reasons for protecting each other have nothing to do with this blood bond and are part of their nature.
  • The metalcore band has a song called Mikasa, inspired by Akerman’s character Mikasa.

At the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed being with us. If you are among the fans of Attack on Titan anime, we will be happy to share your opinion about Mikasa Akerman’s character with us. Is this character among your favorite characters? What points make Mikasa Akerman’s character stand out? What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this character? We are eager to hear your opinion, thanks

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