Introducing the holy family series A mysterious and strange story!

In the new Netflix mystery series Holy Family, we are treated to a rather strange story in which a baby disrupts lives.

In an era where the Netflix streaming service stops good series with high potential after the very first season, it makes series that are mediocre but interestingly renewed for subsequent seasons; An incident that has recently angered the audience of this network. To get to know the Holy Family series, we have to travel to Spain once again; As we have traveled many times in the past through Netflix streaming service. One of the most important reasons that might make viewers sit down to watch this series is the presence of Alba Flores; Someone who shone brightly in the Money Heist series and showed his potential.

Of course, in addition to Alba Flores, other skilled artists such as Naiva Nimeri, Carla Campra, Macarena Gomez, Alex Garcia, etc. are also present. By the way, some time ago, another series by Alex Garcia, the series A Private Affair (A private matter) was also introduced to you on Zumji, where he was co-starred with Jean Reno. Another well-known actor of this series is Alvaro Rico, who is most likely from the series You remember Elite as Polo. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the Holy Family series, which has no more than 8 episodes, was renewed for the second season one month after the first season aired.

Family members eating in Holy Family series

The general story of this series takes place in the city of Melila in 1998; But it doesn’t just end at this point because a little further on, the family of our story moves to the neighborhood of Fuente del Bro in the city of Madrid and plans to immigrate to Canada in the near future. Each of the characters in this series have adventures in their lives and hide things from each other. The story begins when a mother comes to this neighborhood with her three family members and gradually gets to know other people in the neighborhood. Just like Gloria, Katrina has just arrived in this neighborhood and they don’t know anyone.

Blanca, who sees them, includes both of them in her two-person group with Alisha so that they can get to know other people little by little and not feel like strangers. Each of these women has a specific intention of this friendly relationship and is looking for something; None of them have a perfect life and over time various issues are revealed about them. But Gloria’s terrifying past is what sets her apart from the other three women and affects their friendship. Gloria, apparently a single mother, lives with her son, a small baby, and his nanny.

Alba Flores talking on the phone in Holy Family series

This family hid a big and shocking secret, they live in Madrid; Where the new relationships of each member of this family make their plans more complicated and cause the past to move towards them faster and create problems for them. The show focuses more on Gloria than anything else as she tries hard to make things right and start a new chapter in her life, but the past keeps coming back to haunt them. A mother’s love is one of the most beautiful and powerful feelings; So that a mother is ready to do anything to protect her child.

At first, Blanca and Alisha try hard to get close to Gloria, but gradually they become suspicious of her; Because he didn’t invite anyone to his house and even refused to celebrate his son Hugo’s one-year-old birthday. All these distances and secrets were because Gloria and her family are hiding many secrets that no one should know about. For this reason, Gloria decides to participate in different events little by little so as not to raise more doubts. On the other hand, the two teenage members of the family decide that they should go after their own lives when they see that Gloria is dealing with her relationships without considering them.

Gloria and Aytana with the baby in Holy Family series

In the past, Gloria’s false identity had bothered Aitana and Abel (the two children of the family) and now her current behavior has angered these two children. Gloria has defended her family many times and this is her main goal. But over time, many problems arise that make the work many times more difficult for him and create many doubts. Now the question arises, how far is Gloria willing to go to protect her false identity and also to protect her family? The most important thing is that Netflix has been very successful in making Spanish series.

Therefore, he is not afraid or shy at all to start and advance another successful project; Therefore, fans of this series can hope for its second season. Familiar actors and the interesting story of this series will make you fascinated from the beginning and you will want to continue. Now, like the usual tradition of series introduction articles, we introduce 3 other similar series to you so that if you enjoy this genre and works like this, you have other series to watch. If you know another similar series, please let us know in the comments section.

Similar series to the Holy Family series

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Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in the mini-series The Undoing

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