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Kaleidoscope, a new Netflix series that has been making a lot of noise these days; A series that, unlike other series, has no mandatory order to watch.

At the end of 2021, the streaming service Netflix announced plans to make a new 8-part series called Jigsaw. After some time passed, it became clear that this series is going to be made in a way that does not have a linear order; This means that the audience can choose any order they like and watch it until the end. Finally, the name of this series was changed and the Kaleidoscope series was broadcast to the audience of the Netflix streaming service on the first day of this year. As if this series, contrary to what the creators expected, was not very favorable to the critics, because it did not get very high scores from them.

They believed that the interactive storytelling of the Kaleidoscope series, while offering flashy novelties, unfortunately led to a disappointing and soulless conclusion. Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pope/Ray Vernon, Rufus Sowell as Roger Salas/Graham Davis, Paz Vega as Eve Mercer, Peter Mark Kendall as Stan Loomis, Rosalyn Albee as Judy Goodwin, Jay Courtney as Bob Goodwin, Tati Gabriel in the role of Hana Kim and an Iranian actress named Nyusha Noor in the role of Nazan Abbasi are among the artists who appeared in this series and played roles.

Giancarlo Esposito with Tati Gabriel in the Kaleidoscope series

Each part of this series has a title related to its own color or color spectrum; A color that specifically relates to the main element of that particular part. The story begins twenty-four years before the robbery and covers six months after the robbery. The Netflix streaming service itself, in the form of tweets, had published suggestions with different orders that viewers could proceed according to. For example, he explained that like a Quentin Tarantino film, for example Pulp Fiction, you can follow the story non-linearly; Or watch it like a classic detective work.

Such an approach that the streaming service Netflix has taken in making this collection has allowed the audience to have 5040 unique permutations to watch it (if we assume that you watch the white part last of all); Otherwise, there are 40,320 different permutations to watch all episodes (including white). But it seems that we, as the audience, are not very used to watching the episodes out of order. For this purpose, we present you a suggested order that if you intend to watch Zebabin series, go ahead and watch it based on this order:

  • Purple part – 24 years before the robbery
  • Green part – 7 years before the robbery
  • Yellow part – 6 weeks before the robbery
  • Orange section – 3 weeks before the robbery
  • Blue part – 5 days before the robbery
  • The white part – the day of the robbery
  • Red part – the morning after the robbery
  • Pink part – 6 months after the theft

Of course, according to Netflix and the creators themselves, the white episode is best watched last, but if you like to go chronologically, the list above is a good place to start. If you have watched the series Money Heist, you will notice that the story and various elements of this series are very similar to that series. The published synopsis introduces the Kaleidoscope series as follows: “The Zebabin series revolves around the biggest heist ever committed; At the same time, it depicts the revenge, loyalty and betrayal that surrounds it.

Diamond thieves running down the street in Kaleidoscope

The series is completely inspired by the true story of seventy billion dollars worth of bonds lost in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy.” The Zibabin series tells the story of a period of 24-25 years and has an anthology style. In this series, we see a group of very professional thieves who are trying to open a large and apparently impenetrable safe; So that they can make the biggest income and theft in their name. It is natural that this fund is protected by the most powerful security company in the world; Therefore, a group of skilled and professional people should go to that big fund.

On the other hand, the police forces are chasing this group from a very close distance, and they grab every opportunity to find a clue and arrest them before any disaster happens. Each episode of this series reveals a new piece of a big puzzle of corruption, greed, revenge, conspiracy, loyalty and betrayals. Now how do this group of thieves want to tamper with this fund? What is their plan? Which one of the group members can survive and escape? In the meantime, who can be trusted? These are the questions that the series answers over time; But everyone gets their answer at a different point in the story.

The members of the band of thieves in front of a large box in the series Kaleidoscope

Each episode over time adds a piece to the puzzle of how the heist happened, what led to the heist in the first place, and what happened next. It is interesting to know that a group of butterflies is called Kaleidoscope; Each section either contains a butterfly or refers to them. In almost all the scenes of each episode, there is a German that has a direct reference to the color of that episode. Many sites consider the Kaleidoscope series to be a scary, stolen and, of course, experimental work from the Netflix streaming service. We have never seen such a similar effect before and it is considered a new and strange concept even for us viewers.

But we hope that in the future, we will see the production of such series again. It is true that we have never had a series with a non-linear narrative in which there is no particular order to watch its episodes; But if you want, we had series based on grand thefts and scary adventures. As always, in this episode, we will introduce you to 3 series that have a lot in common with Zebabin series; So if you are interested in this series, don’t miss the following series at all.

Series similar to Zebabin series


Serial Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black mirror series: Banderasinch

Actors: Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter and Craig Parkinson

Release year: 2018

Synopsis: The year is 1984. Stephen is developing a computer game based on the book Bandersnatch; A novel where you can determine the progress of the story with your choices. He has the opportunity to present his game to the software company Tuckersoft and ask them to publish his game. But, the more he works on this game, the more his life merges with this game and kind of mimics it; It gets to the point where the choices made are out of his control. Stefan seems to be going crazy.

The main actors of the Money Heist series

Serial Money Heist

Money theft series

Actors: Alvaro Morete, Ursula Corbero and Itciar Itonio

Release year: 2017 to 2021

Synopsis: To pull off the biggest heist in history, a mysterious man named The Professor assembles a group of eight thieves, all of whom have one thing in common: none of them have anything to lose. They stay in seclusion for five months to memorize every step, every detail, every possibility; In order to be able to lock themselves and the hostages in the Spanish National Coin and Stamp Factory for eleven days; while they were surrounded by police forces.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, the main actors of Prison Break series

Serial Prison Break

Prison Break TV Series

Actors: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Press and Robin Toney

Release year: 2005 to 2017

Synopsis: An innocent man is arrested for the murder of the vice president’s brother and is scheduled to be executed in a terrible high security prison. So it’s all up to his younger brother to save him with a brilliant and clever plan. He should attack a bank and lead to his arrest and imprisonment; Then, while the last days are approaching, he will execute the escape plan step by step so that he and his brother can escape from there. He has a big tattoo on his whole body, which is considered their guide; A tattoo that hides the layout of the prison building and the necessary clues to escape.

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