Introducing the new superhero of the Marvel Cinematic World in the image of the second season of What If animation

Marvel Studios has unveiled a new and previously unseen superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by releasing a picture from the second season of What If.

second chapter What If animation is going to be broadcast on Disney+ network in 2023 and now in the latest Cinema and TV newsThe new superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introduced in this animation. This character is a young Mohawk woman named Kahori, which Marvel Studios has officially unveiled by releasing an image of this character. You can see the image of this character below:

Kahori's character in the second season of What If animation

According to the published description of Kahori’s character in the second season of the anime What If: “What if the Tesseract fell in the Iroquois before the American colonization? The tesseract gives a new life and a new legend to a nation, and opens a lake to a gateway to the stars, and Kahori, a young Mohawk woman, struggles to discover her own power.”

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Currently, the character of Kahori, who is an Indian character, has nothing to do with other characters in the Marvel comic world and is considered a completely new and original character in the Marvel world. Ryan Little has been in charge of writing the script for this character in the second season of What If, who has worked closely with members of the Mohawk group, including Cecelia King, an expert on the Mohawk language, and Doug George, a historian, to ensure the accuracy of the content to be presented. In this part of the Mohawk group, be sure to show it.

Also, in the second season of the What If series, you will see new stories such as Hela, Odin against the Mandarin, a story centered on the fact that Yando actually gave the young Peter Quill to his father, Iago, Captain Carter’s meeting with Natasha’s version of the Winter Soldier, and Tony Stark’s presence in Sakaar with Valkyrie. Hulk is, we will be. Also, Marvel Studios has announced the extension of the What If animation for the third season, and the production of the third season of this animation has already started.

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