Introducing the Salam Farda series! (Hello Tomorrow!)

Welcome to the series Salam Farda (Hello Tomorrow!) by the new streaming service of Apple TV Plus; Where nothing is as it seems or expected!

“The moon belongs to everyone” and “The best things in life are free”; These sentences were things that were used very easily in 1927 and no one doubted that they were false; Before anyone wants to fly their flag on the moon. Production of Hello Tomorrow! (Hello Tomorrow!) It started in May 2021 by the streaming service Apple TV Plus and immediately Billy Crudup joined the team as the main actor. Over time, other artists such as Hank Azaria, Hanifa Wood, Alison Peele, Nicholas Pudney and others joined the cast. This series, which has a genre of comedy, drama and science fiction, was not as well received by critics as expected.

Of course, it’s not that the critics criticized it and didn’t like anything about it, but the average scores they gave for the series Salam Farda! registered, puts it in the middle level. They believed that this series is so visually beautiful and impressive that it often draws the attention of the audience to get away from its confusing story and superficial characters; In general, it can be said that the first season of this series could not perform as well as it should and perhaps reach its true potential.

Billy Crudup as Jack Billings in Hello Tomorrow

Salam Farda series! The story is quite different and shows us a new aspect of science fiction adventures. Jack Billings (played by Billy Crudup) is a traveling real estate salesman who likes to give you options. Due to the options that Jack provides to different people, they can own the moon or at least a part of it; without the need to make an advance payment and pay more than $150 per month; Thanks to Brightside real estate company in the month. But the problem is that you shouldn’t look too closely at the fine print of the contract because it might change your mind.

Now, is he really selling the opportunity for a better life or is he just putting together a series of pranks? What is most remarkable about Jack’s character is not how well and enthusiastically he sells the dream of blue skies to his earthly customers; This is how deeply he believes in himself. The series Hello Tomorrow! It twists and portrays a galaxy of lies and personal and work deceptions invented by Jack and those around him; To show that the lies that each person tells themselves are the most powerful and important lies.

Flying car in motion in Hello Tomorrow series

One of the interesting things about this series is the combination of space and old and retro elements with future elements. That is, in this series, you see an old cover in the actors, there are no mobile phones or computers, but there are flying cars, highly advanced robots or voice-to-text conversion technology easily. In the very opening sequences, you imagine that you are going to see the story in the future world, but suddenly you have an interesting confusion and you may keep asking yourself what exactly is going on? In what period is the story told? The visual appeal of this collection reaches the point where you notice the high attention to detail and a lot of similarity with the 1950s era.

Of course, some things are still the same; Money is still green and foldable and the main cause of people’s trouble and headache. Still the rich get richer and a bunch of people sell the dream of a sweeter, better and more glamorous life to other human beings. Jack himself, like his colleagues in this giant company, does not have an impressive and attractive life; But he repeats this lie to himself so much that he has gradually come to believe that he does not live alone and has an exciting life; So that he can more enthusiastically sell houses on the moon to poor people. On the other hand, the character “Eddie” is an unlucky gambler who believes that “desperation is a salesman’s greatest asset”.

Jack Billings with his young son at a restaurant in Hello Tomorrow

Herb is a very anxious man who is going to have two children in the near future. Shirley is their other colleague who is considered Jack’s right hand and sees his true character; But he also cheats on his wife with Eddie. In order to make his lies more believable to sell units, Jack told everyone that his wife and child live on the moon, but the reality is something else; The fact is that several years ago, he had left his wife and little son to fend for themselves. He is now trying to find his family and enter their lives once again; Of course, again with deception and lies.

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