Introducing the series Inside No. 9 The peak of genius and creativity in half an hour

In this article, we introduce one of the best TV anthology series, Inside No. 9 We will pay. Stay with Zoomji.

Anthology series have gained a lot of popularity in recent years; From the Black Mirror series, which is probably the most famous among them, to the same series in number 9, which is perhaps less known in our country. First, let’s see what series or collection is called an anthology work. In short, if we want to explain, the anthology work follows a unique story in each episode, in this way, it can use different actors in each episode, or it can have the same actors and only deal with different stories.

Black Mirror is the best example of this issue, where we see different actors in each episode and of course a completely new story. The series Inside No. 9 has two main producers, Rhys Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, who are considered to be the main characters of each story in each episode and are an inseparable part of the story of each episode. There are other actors in this series who have appeared in some episodes, but they cannot be considered as permanent members.

These two geniuses, yes, let’s give them the adjective “genius”; These two geniuses, Rhys Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, have produced a series that you cannot find anywhere else on television. The makers who worked before Inside No. 9 have made series with black comedy and in the series in number 9 they follow their school. Now what does this series have that makes it so special?

Rhys Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, creators of the series Inside no.  9

Consider a series that doesn’t care about side stories, doesn’t have flashy locations, finds mainstream blockbuster and money-making moments funny, and maturely only cares about portraying the main story of each episode and giving it to the audience in the best possible way. The audience is itself. And not in several parts, but in only 30 minutes!

A series that gives you such mature characterization in 30 minutes and usually in only one location, that in many episodes it may be impossible to believe that all these characterizations were formed in just half an hour. A series in which those two geniuses show the power of scenario writing and acting in the most optimal way to the glory of other TV series creators.

Probably, if you are a big fan of the Black Mirror series like me, you will not want to watch Inside No. 9 you will enjoy. Both series intend to depict special stories that the audience cannot guess the end of, both of them spend their hands on topics that light up the sense of fear of black comedy in the audience, and every now and then they go to other genres such as horror and survival. However, the fact that the stories in issue 9 can be touched in reality much better and easier, puts this work a step above Black Mirror. Exactly the differences of this series compared to Black Mirror become its trump card.

The topics that if the scary and slightly fictional parts of Inside No. 9 aside (which are few episodes), each can happen to any person in the real world. In each episode, if you put yourself in the place of the main characters of the story, you may feel suffocated or laugh out of fear. It is even possible in some sequences of Inside No. 9. Don’t realize that you should laugh or be scared at that moment. This series delivers such a dark comedy that you may get lost in that darkness at some moments.

A purple balloon among the characters of Inside no.  9

The best example of this darkness can be seen in the second episode of the seventh season titled Mr. King. The part that starts in a school with the presence of almost 12-year-old students and all of them are spending their time in the way that a 12-year-old student should spend his time; Everyone is laughing and the teacher is teaching new things. Everything is colorful and going well until such a scary darkness covers the space that you will be afraid of all those 12-year-old students. The interesting thing is that there are no elements of the horror genre in this episode and the series only comes to you with psychological fear. The bleakness of everything at the beginning of the series reaches a point where you cannot believe that such a terrible darkness surrounds you.

With their screenwriting skills, Rhys Sheasmith and Steve Pemberton intend to show us that not every episode of this anthology series needs to tell an important and influential story from the heart of society. It can turn one of the simplest everyday events into a terrifying and distressing situation. It can show a traditional game like rocket launcher in a way that makes it hard for you to continue watching if you are afraid of closed spaces. On the other hand, he can describe a robbery in the most ridiculous way that the audience will have jaw pain from laughing. All this breadth of stories and characterizations were done by these two geniuses, and they themselves, as the main actors, play the most important role in conveying these stories to the audience.

You might think that I am exaggerating, of course, it might be an exaggeration, but by watching the series, you will probably come to the topic that I am going to say next, that the content of each episode of Inside No. 9 and the mature characterization of each episode cannot be done by blockbuster series even during one or two seasons. For one hour, we can give examples of American series that after one or two seasons, the main characters of the series have not been well paid and still cannot be connected with them. They start right up to the moment when the series reaches its credits, and such mature characterization in just half an hour is amazing.

The series Inside No. 9 As the name screams, it flows inside the number 9. You can see this number at the beginning of each episode. For example, when the camera shows the number plate of a house and the number plate of that house is number 9, you can be sure that the whole story of the episode takes place inside the same house. Or when he portrays a size 9 shoe, the entire story of that episode revolves around that shoe in an incredible way. The limited locations that make it more difficult for the creators to tell the story of each episode.

By watching one or two seasons of this series, you will easily realize how beautifully each episode creates a new genre and situation for the viewer by following the principles of storytelling in the DNA of this series. A story that, as we said before, you can’t be sure of the end of it, very, very likely. By the grace of God, this series turns even a ridiculous situation like the discussion of a few friends over paying the restaurant’s food receipt into such a story that you can’t blink while watching it. Unbelievable really!

A few friends fight over restaurant receipts in the series Inside no.  9

The series Inside No. 9, with all its surprisingness and with all its form and story diversity, contains elements in its depths that you can touch in every part of it. For example, when in one episode the characters are playing a game similar to rocket launcher and they play this trivial game in a room, you can fully touch on topics such as love, mental illness, revenge, jealousy and finally death. Topics that in some parts of it can be expanded to mental harassment, marital problems, mental problems, revenge, evil and other topics.

It is the subtleties in number 9 that make it such an extraordinary work that, using the elements we have mentioned, turns a seemingly simple and everyday event into a situation of being caught between life and death. Situations that change from a simple incident in half an hour to such frightening situations that you say to yourself that I wish all of this had happened in the dreams of one of the characters, and when he wakes up, this story will come to an end, but no, everything in the most real It has its own possible form and all the dark and scary comedy of the series is slapped in the face of the audience in its strongest form.

Finally, let’s say that the series Inside No. 9, with its delightful diversity in anthology form, has become such a work that many long and boring series can’t even come close to its quality. If you like anthology series or mystery series, don’t miss watching this series; Because after watching it, you will doubtless say to yourself why you had not watched this pure story until today? And if you like the series Black Mirror, you will be sure that there is a better series than it among the anthology series.

If you have watched this series, share your opinion about it with us and other Zumji site audience and tell us that you think Inside No. Should we consider 9 a higher quality work than Black Mirror or not?

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