Introduction of 10 promising bitcoins recommended by my wallet + 2023 update

The digital currency market is very wide and since the launch of the first digital currency until now, various types of cryptocurrency have been introduced to the market. Each of these digital currencies pursues a specific goal and is used to solve a specific problem; But in the meantime, there are currencies that have no special value and no special purpose behind them. These currencies are called Bitcoins and are also known as Memecoins.

Due to the fact that new projects are always offered to the digital currency market, there will always be bitcoins and users may want to invest in them. In order to have a profitable investment in the field of bitcoins, you must get to know the best and most promising ones and know which bitcoins are more suitable for investment than others. In this report we intend to 10 Future Bitcoins and introduce you to the investable. If you are also interested in the field of digital currencies, it is better to stay with us until the end.

Introducing the top 10 Bitcoins of 2023

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To invest in digital currencies, you must be familiar enough with this market and its ups and downs to be able to work properly. about Bitcoins You should also have more information; Because these currencies have no specific support and purpose, and investments without studying them may be dangerous. The bitcoins that will be introduced below are only currencies that have been selected by domestic and foreign websites and are not investment signals; For this reason, before buying or trading using these currencies, be sure to do the necessary investigations and studies about the desired Bitcoin.

Dogecoin; Popular and promising Bitcoin for investment in 2023

One of the first Bitcoins that entered the market, Dogecoin Was. This digital currency was initially released to mock digital currencies; But after a while, it was welcomed by users and became one of the best digital currencies. Dogecoin currently has a very high value in the market and Part of the 10 most valuable digital currencies it placed.

In recent years, many large companies such as Tesla Motors and AMC movie theaters have supported Dogecoin for their payments. This incident has made this Bitcoin a suitable choice for investment in 2023.

Currently, Dogecoin has a market cap of $19.5 million and 135 million units are in circulation. Due to these things, Dogecoin has already become one of the best explosive cryptocurrencies of 2023. It is enough to buy Dogecoin. Buy digital currency search in your browser and the first site is My wallet exchange Choose.

Shatcoin is a newcomer in the cryptocurrency market; Saitama inu

Saitama Ino digital currency is considered one of the new cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency world; However, many domestic and foreign digital currency specialist websites have introduced it as the best explosive cryptocurrency of 2023.

Although this digital currency was marketed as a meme coin; But now many people use it for financial exchange, NFT trading and digital currencies.

Saitama digital currency, despite being created on the Ethereum blockchain; But it has a dedicated ecosystem. In the ecosystem of this digital currency, there is software that can be installed on mobile phones and computers. This software works like a decentralized digital currency exchange with which you can buy Saitama digital currency and other digital currencies. SitamaMask wallet has also been released by this platform for storing and transferring digital currencies. The Saitama platform is very important and valuable in this regard. This platform is equipped with an anti-whale trap and has a liquidity lock. It should be mentioned that the Saitama edutainment platform was also planned and released with the aim of increasing people’s education and awareness.

Saitama digital currency currently operates on the Ethereum blockchain; But soon this digital currency will be established on its own blockchain, which will greatly reduce the cost of its transactions. On the other hand, as liquidity decreases, its value will also increase in the market. Saitama currency is a new digital currency and due to its scalable technology, there will be a bright future for it.

IP Coin (APE) digital currency; Bitcoin with many unique features

Ape Coin (APE) is another product of Bored ape yacht club. This cryptocurrency was launched in 2022 and will become one of the best cryptocurrency in 2023. The creators of ShatCoin IP have produced more than 10,000 NFTs and all of them are very valuable.

The high demand of IPcoin, its semi-centralized structure, very high security, etc. are the factors that have made this bitcoin a popular and reliable digital currency for investment.

Given that Yoga Labs accepts and uses IPcoin, if their partnership continues, we may see a very bright future for this cryptocurrency.

Shatcoin SafeMoon (SafeMoon); Similar to Bitcoin with many differences

Safe Moon digital currency is one of the digital currencies launched in 2021. This digital currency is one of the digital currencies of the Binance chain. Safe Moon Shetcoin has different features; Including the fact that with its sale, 10% of the sale amount goes to the holders of this currency.

The three functions in the Safe Moon system prevent this digital currency from falling after its launch. Safe Moon digital currency has not experienced significant growth until now; But in the case of new currencies, you have to be patient. Due to the fact that Safe Moon encourages its users to buy and keep this currency, it is possible to see its price increase in the future.

Shiba Ino digital currency; Dogecoin competitor

Shiba Ino (Shiba) is another digital currency known as Bitcoin. This digital currency was initially released to compete with Dogecoin, and after its launch, it was well received by users. One of the reasons why Shiba Ino currency has attracted the attention of many users is that it is very simple and has almost no complications.

Despite the fact that Shiba digital currency has grown increasingly in 2021 and has surprised digital currency experts and users; However, in order to do transactions with this digital currency, you must be careful and pay attention to the volume and amount of the transaction.

Floki inu Shetcoin (Floki inu); New digital currency in the cryptocurrency market

Floki digital currency is one of the newest cryptocurrency market. The name of this digital currency was inspired by Elon Musk’s dog, and with this, it was able to attract the attention of a wide range of users. Floki digital currency belongs to Elon Musk’s brother, which was implemented in order to alleviate poverty in the world; For this reason, it may be supported by Elon Musk and his company in the future. These things have made the future of Shatcoin Floki look bright and invest in it successfully.

Anchor Coin (ANKR); Based on blockchain and cloud infrastructure

The Anker platform has various features that make it a bit more secure for future investment. This platform benefits from peer-to-peer communication with users and its security is also guaranteed by the use of proof-of-work consensus.

By analyzing and examining this currency, analysts know its future is clear, and many reputable websites have predicted its upward growth. Due to the high security of the Anker platform, users can safely purchase it and store it in any wallet they want.

Shatcoin, Samoyed Coin; Derived from Siberian dogs

Another newly introduced digital currency is Samoyed Coin. This digital currency is inspired by the Samoyed dog living in Siberia. One of the reasons that makes this currency attractive to users is that there is a gap between the price and the volume of its supply; That is, as the volume increases, the price will also increase. The price situation of Samoyed Coin shows that its growth will be upward and can be an investment option for users.

Yaren Finance; A possible option for an explosive Shatcoin for 2023

Yren Finance is one of the Bitcoins that is likely to experience a very high value in 2023. The supply volume of this currency is 36,000 units, which makes its price very high. In this platform, owners can make investments by generating income. The fee paid for using this protocol is distributed among its holders.

Due to the limited supply of this cryptocurrency and its price increase in the future, analysts identify it as a promising cryptocurrency in 2023.

Tamadoge (TAMADOGE); A suitable option for investment in 2023

One of the best digital currencies and bitcoins suitable for investment in 2023 is Tamadog with the symbol TAMA. This digital currency is the native currency of Metaverse, Tamverse. In this currency, elements of gaming are combined with elements of decentralized economy.

Considering that the developers of this token have long-term plans for it, users can be optimistic about investing in it. This platform plans to work on various capabilities such as augmented reality; In this way, it will be possible to increase its value in the future.

Safe buying and selling of Bitcoin in the Iranian exchange of my wallet

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Bitcoins are digital currencies that usually do not serve a specific purpose; However, they will be suitable for small investments and large profits. If you are a professional in the digital currency market, you can earn a good profit by knowing enough about bitcoins and their ecosystem. In this context, it is better to use a safe and secure exchange that offers all types of Bitcoins.

Iranian exchange my wallet, is one of the best domestic exchanges that supports many digital currencies. To invest in Bitcoins, after reading and obtaining accurate and correct information, you can buy and trade in this domestic exchange. Also, this exchange provides its users with a dedicated wallet that you can use. To learn more about this exchange and use it, enter my wallet website and install its digital currency purchase application. You can also do many of your daily tasks on the My Wallet exchange using digital currency.

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