Introduction of ASUS B760M TUF Gaming BTF motherboard with a new style in the placement of connectors

B760M TUF Gaming BTF as the first BTF motherboard Asus based on the 700 series of Intel chips has been introduced, and for the first time all its connectors are placed on the back side of the motherboard.

The idea of ​​placing all the power and interface connectors on the other side of the motherboard is not a new idea. Motherboard manufacturers have been experimenting with this style for a few years now, and we’ve seen products like MSI’s Project Zero and Gigabyte’s Project Stealth with this design. Actually, this idea is not new for Isuzu. It was a few months ago that the first concept with this design was called DIY-APE For Intel 600 motherboards and AMD 600 And the chips after that were released.

Now that we are leaving the B760 series motherboards behind us, Asus is introducing the first motherboards based on this design for Intel’s new generation chips with a new name.

TUF Gaming B760M BTF is a motherboard based on Micro-ATX design, which is currently the most affordable chip from the Intel 700 series. The basic idea of ​​this motherboard is to provide all the necessary connectors and motherboard headers on the other side, which makes cable management easier with easier access to the connectors. But this is provided that your PC case has all the holes needed for this on one side.

B760M TUF Gaming BTF motherboard

Asus has decided to use DDR4 memory on this board. It means that assembling the system on it will be cheaper. This board officially supports four DDR4-5333 overclocking memory modules. In addition, users can get a 2.5Gb Ethernet port and even built-in WiFi-6 on it.

The ports and other connectors on the back of the motherboard are:

  • 24 pin motherboard
  • USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C and USB 3.2 Gen1 headers
  • SATA
  • Slot 2 2280
  • Internal USB 2.0 headers
  • ARGB headers
  • CPU / CHA fan headers
  • HD Audio and Thunderbolt headers

Back of B760M TUF Gaming BTF motherboard

Of course, the Stealth series of Gigabyte motherboards is also through Maingear prefabricated systems They were supplied as such, but these boards are not available separately and for assembling the system. So motherboards ASUS BTF are the first products to be commercially available in this form. Isuzu has not yet provided details of the price of this product.

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