Introduction of Wipod program; A look at Trabank Pasargad facilities and capabilities

Digital banking is an emerging phenomenon in the banking industry of our country. Currently, several applications in this field are operating inside the country, which sometimes have differences. In the following, we will look at the Wipod application and examine its unique features and services.

Vipad app, Trabank Pasargad

It seems that Pasargad Bank, with the support of years of experience in banking affairs and the use of up-to-date and knowledge-based infrastructure, is trying to start a movement in line with the modern world, a serious effort called “ViPod” in order to meet the banking needs of modern people and improve the user experience. Customers.

By referring to the Wepod website ( and looking at its contents, we realize the strong role of Pasargad Bank in the field of “maintaining information security” and “providing services” in Wepod. It seems that Vipod is completely a subsidiary of Pasargad Bank not only in software design and development, but also in banking infrastructure, and all account information and all banking transactions of users in Vipod are stored on Pasargad Bank’s hardware and software equipment.

Register and start working with Wipod

To start using Wipod Digital Bank, like all similar examples, you must first install the program, register and authenticate. The simple steps you take are:

1. Installing the program: To install the program, you can refer to Cafe Bazar, Myket, Google Play, Apple App, and the Vpod website, or use the web version of Vpod;

2. Entering the program and registering with a mobile number in your own name;

3. Receive the verification code and continue the registration process;

4. perform authentication by entering national card information and uploading face film;

5. Free card application registration.

Wipod application features and services

Microfacilities or loans without guarantor and collateral

option “Support account“, which can be seen both on the main page and on the service page, is a unique facility that Wipod has planned for its users. You, as one of the Wipod users, can receive facilities between 1 and 5 million Tomans instantly and without a guarantor or bond by using the support plan.

By activating the support credit, you can use it without restrictions in all in-person and online purchases. In this case, in each payment, half of the amount is paid by the credit of the Wipod support and the other half is paid from the real account connected to the card.


Validation is a service in which your banking behavior is evaluated in the country’s banking system and the result is displayed to you in a report. Items that are reviewed in this process include bounced checks and debits to Vipad and other banks. This service is usually used when you intend to register a request for a specific facility, in which case your validation will be required.

Money transfer

Probably the most important option on the main page of the Wipod app is “Transfer Money”, which is used for Wipod, Paya and card-to-card transfers. Vipadi transfer is a money transfer that is easily possible for your contact list. Also, when transferring from card to card, it is possible to define several cards and select them in each transaction.

Video banking

One of the most important things in this section is called video banking, with the help of which you can make a video call with bank experts and share your questions or problems with them.

Third party insurance services

You can insure your car with the help of the “Insurance Services” option that appears on the main page of Wipod. After selecting this option, you can pay the fee and insure your car online by entering the car information, residential address and selecting the type of insurance.


Viewing the account balance is another option that can be seen on the Wipod home page. By selecting it, two independent options “digital account” and “card to card” will be displayed, each of which will show a different report. You can also use the tracking number to search for a specific transaction.

By touching the settings icon in the upper corner of the screen, you can access more filters such as transaction type (deposit or withdrawal), transaction amount range and transaction time frame. In the filter type menu, you can also change the search results based on transactions related to a specific contact, gift credit, gift card, bill payment, etc.

Vipadi’s gift

On the service page, two other interesting options attract attention:Gift credit” And “gift card».

Gift credit: Gift credit allows you to send any amount from your account as a gift to your friends for them to use as they like.

gift card: The possibility of making a gift card is another option that Wipod has placed on your table. You can design your gift in the form of a digital gift card and send it to them via SMS or messaging software.

In both options, you have the possibility to design your gift with the desired amount, according to your taste and send it to your friends in a beautiful format.

Wipod support

It seems that the Wipod development team has focused especially on the support part of its product and, in addition to video banking, it has provided users with two options, “Chat with support” and “Phone call” for better communication. Due to the fact that sometimes it can be difficult to convey concepts through chat, along with the ability to send images, the Vpod team has launched a new feature to record voice and send voice, which can be useful and practical in many situations. The history of previous conversations is also easily available through the conversation tab, so that it is possible to follow up in the most convenient way.


What is known to date is that Vipad, under the name “Trabank Pasargad”, has powerfully opened its way to the field of digital banking by providing suitable services and practical facilities and has been well received. The developers of this application are continuously updating and adding new features to it.

It seems that Wipod does not consider any reward for inviting your friends to open an account, nor does it charge you for opening an account, issuing a card, or even postal services; In fact, it does all these things for free. In addition, the “support account” facility provided by Wipod can be more attractive to customers.

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