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In less than a month, Apple is expected to announce the latest versions of its operating system (keynote) at the WWDC 2023 event on June 5, corresponding to June 15. iOS 17 to unveil In this article, we are going to discuss 8 features The latest version of iOS based on rumors and published information about it; Some features and changes listed in this article may not be available in later versions iOS 17 Like iOS 17.1 And iOS 17.2 be added

Probably the first iOS 17 beta version Moments after its introduction at the event, it will be available to members of Apple’s developer plan; But probably its public beta in July for members Apple’s beta software plan presented. As is the norm every year, the official version of the operating system will probably be released sometime in September, around the time the new iPhone is announced.

Contact Key Verification feature in iMessage in iOS 17

Apple previewed the security feature in December Contact Key Verification Presented and announced that this feature will be released to users around the world in 2023. According to this time frame, this feature is likely to be introduced in iOS 17; Of course, its introduction may be postponed to another time.

Contact Key Verification allows users facing unique digital threats, such as journalists, human rights activists, and government officials, to verify only the people they intend to message. Users who have enabled this feature will be notified in their conversations if government-sponsored hackers or people with malicious intent manage to break into cloud servers and enable their devices to eavesdrop on conversations.

This feature is created as a new layer of security in iMessage, and users with this security key can compare the verification code of the contact in person on Facetime or any other calling service to make sure they are communicating with the same person.

Change control center

Rebuilding Control Center in iOS 17

According to the information published by a source called @analyst941, who provided detailed information about the dynamic island feature of this phone before the introduction of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the control center has been rebuilt in iOS 17. This source claims The control center of the latest version of iOS It becomes more customizable than before and the flash light slider may be freely adjusted up or down.

change wallet

Wallet app in iOS 17

According to Mark German, Bloomberg’s senior reporter, iOS 17 will see improvements to the Wallet app. @analyst941 claims that this application will be redesigned with new tabs and search capabilities like the image above. The redesign of the wallet application will be felt when new features such as Apple Pay later And Apple Card Savings be added to it.

The next generation of Carplay

The next generation of Carplay in iOS 17

Cupertino residents in WWDC 2022 Preview The next generation of Carplay which supports multiple displays, widgets and integration with car features such as instrument cluster, climate control systems and FM radio. In this event, Apple announced that the first cars equipped with next-generation CarPlay will be introduced in late 2023 with the participation of Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo and several other car companies.

Also, the company admitted at that time that it will reveal more details about the next generation of this system later this year, and according to this time frame, the next generation of CarPlay will probably be presented with iOS 17.

Apple Journal App

Apple Journal App in iOS 17

Apple is developing a journalism application named Apple Journal App For iPhone, it aims to compete with similar apps like Day One. According to information published by the Wall Street Journal, the release time of this application is not known, but if it is ready, it may be introduced together with iOS 17.

Enabling sideloading of applications (App Sideloading) in EU countries

Side loading applications in iOS 17

Last year, Mark German published a report announcing that Apple is Providing the possibility of sideloading Applications In iPhone phones, it is to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. By benefiting from the app sideloading feature, users can install iOS applications on their iPhone from a source other than the App Store; Of course, it is expected that the sideloading of applications will be possible only in EU countries (at least at the beginning of the implementation process of this feature, which will be the case).

Garman has said that Apple plans to implement this feature in the next iOS 17 updates, i.e. iOS 17.1 and later versions.

Mood Tracking

Mood Tracking feature in iOS 17

According to Garman, iOS 17 has new tools for tracking emotions and managing visual conditions in the Health app. He expects the Health app to be released for the iPad this year.

Expanding warnings about tracking people without their information

Unwanted Tracking Alerts Expansion in iOS 17

Apple and Google recently filed a feature aimed at helping combat the misuse of Bluetooth object tracking tags to track people without their knowledge. As part of this innovative move, the Cupertinos plan to introduce alerts similar to AirTag’s unwanted tracking warning for other companies’ Bluetooth tracking tags in the latest version of iOS. Apple has introduced this plan as the Unwanted Tracking Alerts Expansion feature. According to the company, Tile, Chipolo, Samsung, and Pebblebee have all announced their support for evaluating the feature.

Apple wants to implement this feature by the end of 2023 and iOS 17 will also support it. According to the announced time frame, the application of the Unwanted Tracking Alerts Expansion feature will start from the next iOS 17 updates.

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