iPhone 15 Pro’s solid state buttons remain active even when turned off

Apple is apparently using a new low-power microprocessor for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which allows certain features such as non-mechanical buttons or solid state of these devices to remain active even when the device is turned off or the battery is exhausted.

According to a new report, this new chip replaces the current ultra-low-power mode that allows iPhones to be tracked by Find My when they’re turned off. Even if the battery is drained, you can use this feature up to 24 hours later or use Apple Pay Express up to 5 hours later.

New microprocessor functions

In addition to the above capabilities, the new chip can also keep the new solid state buttons of future Apple phones active, including the new action button. The new action button, which is used as a replacement for the mute button, remains active thanks to the new chip along with other buttons when the device is turned off or the battery is drained.

In addition to the above activities, this microprocessor can quickly sense button presses, holding them, and even gestures similar to 3D Touch to increase and decrease the volume, the action button, and the power button when it is off.

iPhone 15 Pro

Apparently, Apple is testing these features with and without taptic motor feedback when the device is turned off, not when the battery is dead. Currently, we do not know whether these features will make it to the final version or not.

Apple is also testing two different ways to use the integrated buttons. One of them is the detection of pressure when touching the buttons to increase and decrease the volume, and the other is to support the swipe function for these actions.

We have to wait and see with what changes Apple launches the iPhone 15 series.

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