It became easy to buy all kinds of shock absorbers for passenger cars online

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The flawless movement of a car depends on various factors, one of them Car shock absorber Is. All the parts in a car work hand in hand so that they can move the car and take the passengers to their destination without any trouble. But among these parts, there is a part that is more important than other parts, and damage to this part is equal to damage to all parts.

Car consumables

Of course, we should not forget that car parts are consumables and even if we take care of our car like our eyes, there is still a possibility of damage. Therefore, it is better to find a suitable store that sells original and quality goods before the breakdown or even after it, so that you don’t get into trouble during the breakdown.

In the following, we will introduce you to the car shock absorber and its use, and we will also introduce one of the most reliable online stores for spare parts. So stay with us until the end.

What is a car shock absorber and what is its use?

The shock absorber is one of the critical and vital components of the car. The importance of the health of this part becomes clear when we realize that the health of all parts of the car depends on this part. Shock absorbers have impact and suspension properties. 4 shock absorbers are installed in all domestic and foreign cars. But the question that arises here is what is the function of the shock absorber and what does it do for the car?

If you have once driven on the pothole-filled streets of Iran or even sat in a car as a passenger, you will definitely notice the impacts that have been inflicted on the car while passing the bumps and potholes. The main task of the shock absorbers is to precisely control the impact that enters the car.

The location of the car shock absorber is exactly under the car and next to the tires. These valuable parts repel the blows to the car so that nothing happens to the front of the cars. It doesn’t matter whether your car is exterior or interior, in any case, a big or even small impact can cause irreparable damage to the front end.

Maybe you are one of those people who like to travel with their own car. The reason for this decision is the comfort you have inside your car. But what does comfort inside the car have to do with shock absorbers? In answer to this question, we must say that these shock absorbers absorb the vibration of the car during movement and do not allow the peace of the passengers to be disturbed.

If the shock absorber of the car is damaged for any reason, it becomes practically impossible to pass the bumps and potholes of the streets.

Where to get car shock absorbers?

Since the shock absorber is a sensitive and critical part, you should get it from a reliable spare parts store. the store you buy from; It should have all kinds of shock absorbers for foreign and domestic cars and supply them with a guarantee of product authenticity and a guarantee of price and quality. The store that we intend to introduce and recommend is Yadak Market.

Buying a car shock absorber from Yadak Market is our special offer to you, dear friends. Surely all of you have heard the name and reputation of this online store. But let us introduce this store for those who are not familiar with it.

Yadak Market is a reliable and well-known online store in the field of parts and spare parts for all types of domestic and foreign cars, which has been working in this field for 14 years. This specialized online store provides you with everything you need for your car. The variety of goods in this store is so great that no car owner leaves empty-handed.

The advantage of buying car spare parts from Yadak Market

Buying parts such as car shock absorbers from Yadak Market has many advantages, the most important of which is guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the product. All the parts available in Yadak Market have a guarantee of product authenticity, which means you can buy from them safely.

In the second place, we should point out that all spare parts market have a price guarantee. You can see all the virtual and non-virtual stores to find out that you can get an original product at the lowest market price in Yadak Market.

Shopping from this store is possible with all Shatab member cards. This store also provides free shipping for purchases over 30 million tomans. The delivery time of Yadak Market is 24 hours for friends living in Tehran and three to four working days for friends living in the city.

Types of car shock absorbers

There are different types of car shock absorbers. Their variety is also due to the variety of machines and their different weight and size. Depending on what kind of car you have and what you do with it, the type of shock absorber and its settings will also change.

The reason why even the shock settings are different is because of what you are doing with the car. For example, if your car is a cargo type, it needs a stiff shock absorber, but if your vehicle is a passenger type, then you should use a soft shock absorber. It’s time to introduce different types of shock absorbers.

Car lever shock absorber

Some shock absorbers are like pistons and therefore have a lever inside. This lever is responsible for applying pressure to the piston, and by doing this, it helps the spring to retract as quickly as possible and open slowly so that it does not hit the front of the passenger car. The lever car shock absorber is the best model compared to other shock absorbers.

Car hydrostatic shock absorber

As you know, oil is used inside the shock absorbers so that they can do their work smoothly and quickly. In hydrostatic shock absorbers, these parts use nitrogen gas instead of oil. The function of nitrogen gas in hydrostatic shock absorbers is that they prevent bubbles from forming when the shock absorber is hit, and finally, no problem occurs when the spring and shock absorber are opened and closed.

Oil or hydraulic car shock absorber

This type of car shock absorber is the most common shock absorber model. We said earlier that oil is used in most shock absorbers to make their movement smoother and faster. Hydraulic shock absorbers are no exception to this rule. But what happens in hydraulic shock absorbers? This type of shock absorbers prevent impact from entering the car by using the available oil.

Car telescopic shock absorber

Telescopic shock absorber is also a type of shock absorber that uses oil for impact. In this particular type, the built-in holes for oil exit are larger than normal, which makes the spring open much faster and take the impact at the same rate.

The interesting thing to note is that in the telescopic car shock absorber, the holes for oil entry are smaller than normal so that the springs return to their place slowly.

last word

In this article, we talked about shock absorbers and their types and introduced one of the most reliable and oldest online spare parts stores in Iran. In the previous parts, we told you some of the advantages of buying from Yadak Market, the most important of which is the guarantee of product authenticity and price guarantee. We recommend you to visit Yadak Market website and see their exceptional products and prices. If you have the experience of buying car shock absorbers online, share your experience with us.

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