It is impossible to make self-driving cars from scratch!

About a decade ago, when various car manufacturers were developing the idea of ​​hybrid cars, Tesla introduced the concept of electric cars in a practical way. Therefore, electric cars were no longer a concept on paper, but became cars for everyday use. Tesla introduced the concept of self-driving cars some time later. The development of self-driving cars had become a serious competition for car manufacturers in the past few years, but today the heat has decreased. Now, in a new statement, the managers of BYD have considered the production of self-driving cars to be impossible.

Iranian customers have little familiarity with BYD brand. Two models of cars of this brand have been offered by Carmania in limited quantities to the Iranian market. However, this company’s electric minivan, i.e. BYD E6, was never favored by municipalities and public car fleets.

electric fight against pollution; BYD E6 is a fast solution for Iran’s public transportation

On the other hand, this Chinese company became one of the largest car manufacturers in China. BYD has repeatedly been recognized as the largest electric car manufacturer in the world, and its products are even sold in Europe and the United States. Therefore, it is natural to consider BYD as Tesla’s competitor.

Self-driving cars are satisfactory at the current level

BYD is not against the development of self-driving cars. This company is currently cooperating with Nvidia’s Hyperion self-driving project. Jaguar, Polestar, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Lucid and a number of other Chinese brands cooperate in this project. However, BYD says self-driving car technology is a long way from being realized. Speaking to a group of reporters at the Shanghai Auto Show last week, a representative of BYD said: “Self-driving technology may never be operational enough. “We think the operational development of autonomous technology completely isolated from humans is very, very far-fetched and basically impossible.”

According to the CEO of BYD, self-driving car technology cannot meet all human parameters at the same time. Ethics, psychological needs and social regulations cannot be defined in autonomous systems. According to him, many companies may spend a lot of money on self-driving cars. However, after some time they will realize that these investments were fruitless.

According to BYD spokesperson Li Yunfei, the development of driver assistants is more important now. These systems can come to the user’s aid, such as park assist or lane change radars. Except for Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, currently no company has advanced the development of self-driving cars beyond the current level. Mercedes-Benz is developing a level 3 self-driving test system. Tesla is also testing the autonomous level 2 Plus on the roads of the United States.

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