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Jim Ryan’s effort to improve interest in independent works

Shohei Yoshida says Jim Ryan has tried to breathe new life into the relationship between Sony and independent games.

In the latest game news, Jim Ryan is keen to see interest in indie games grow. In an interview with GameIndustry, Sony’s head of independent games Shuhei Yoshida said that PlayStation president Jim Ryan believed in In 2018 and 2019, this company has focused a lot on AAA works and asked its team to think about it. As a result, several recruitments were made in the company and Yoshida’s role in PlayStation also changed; Because the company wanted to give new strength to the relationship with independent developers under Ryan.

“PlayStation was known for introducing a lot of indie titles and creators,” says Yoshida of the early days of PlayStation 4, where Sony was the first company to announce a number of indie titles during E3. but in In 2018 and 2019, the company focused more on high-budget productions, and Jim Ryan wanted to change that. He asked the third-party relations team to design a plan for PlayStation to make renewed efforts to help creators and independent works.

To lead this matter, Yoshida changed his role in the company and Greg Rice from Double Fine Studio was added to him; A person who lost his job after joining this studio to Microsoft. The two then presented their plan to the higher-ups to change the position of PlayStation among independent works and finally got the support of Sony to implement their plans.

Shuhei Yoshida next to the PlayStation icon

One of the things that Yoshida and his team implemented immediately was the ability to select the best content and show it to customers. “A lot of indie games are coming to PlayStation. We needed to show users which works to pay attention to. “Also, when developers make great games, we can make sure they’re being promoted.”

Examples of this have been seen on the PlayStation blog over the past few years; Where Sony regularly hosts ‘Indie Afternoons’ to showcase the biggest and best content. The company has been doing much better with indie titles over the years, with games like Sifu and Stray gaining traction this year thanks to Team Yoshida’s marketing.

Of course, more work is still needed. Yoshida says the company is still working to improve its tools to streamline the submission and approval process and ensure all works are adequately represented; including works that are not necessarily selected by Sony itself. Due to the intense competition with Microsoft and Nintendo, we can admit that PlayStation is no longer the best place to experience independent works; But the situation has improved compared to the last generation of PlayStation 4, and we can hope that Sony will improve its position in this important topic in gaming.

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