Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Louis XV in the film Jeanne Du Barry

Wild Bunch International has released another image of Johnny Depp as Louis XV in Jeanne Du Barry’s historical romance.

Among the cinema and television news, we learned that the Wild Bunch International company has released a new picture of Jonny Depp in the role Louis XV In the movie Jeanne du Barry (Jean du Barry) directed by Maivin has published

The WBI company also unveiled the first contracts related to the screening of this romantic historical film. Maivin is not only directing the film, but also in the role Madam, twicethe mistress of the king of France will appear, who played a role in the history of the great French revolution.

Johnny Depp as the King of France in Jeanne Du Barry

Romantic historical film Jeanne du Barry in France (Le Pacte), Benelux (Paradiso Filmed Entertainment), Switzerland (Frenetic Films), Italy and Spain (Notorious Pictures), Greece (Spentzos Film), Portugal (Pris Audiovisuais ), former Yugoslavia (MCF Company), Hungary (ADS Service Company), Czech Republic (Film New Europe Company), Romania (Independenta Company), Poland (Gutek Company) and CIS or Commonwealth of Independent States (World Vision Company). Is.

After 11 weeks of shooting, Jeanne du Barry is now in post-production

After 11 weeks of filming in locations such as the Palace of Versailles and other French palaces, Jeanne du Barry is now in post-production. Why Not Productions, the makers of Rust and Bone and A Prophet, are producing the film alongside IN2 and France Télévisions.

The role of Louis XV will be one of Johnny Depp’s first major roles after winning the defamation case. This actress is still considered one of the popular figures in Europe, and the upcoming film can help this famous actress to return to her prime. As filming began on Jeanne du Barry in August, the first image of Johnny Depp as Louis XV was released, and now another image has been shared.

Johnny Depp as Louis XV

The film Jeanne du Barry is a loose take on the life of Jeanne du Barry, the last mistress of Louis XV after Madame Pompadour It is in the Palace of Versailles. Jeanne de Barry, the illegitimate daughter of a tailor, used her intelligence and beauty to achieve a high position in the aristocracy and the court of Louis XV. Madame de Barrie eventually became the favorite companion of the King of France. Louis XV, known as Louis the Beloved, had the second longest reign in French history after Louis XIV with a reign of 72 years and ruled the country from 1715 until his death from smallpox in 1774.

Jeanne du Barry is Mayvin’s sixth and most ambitious film to date. In addition to directing and acting, this French filmmaker collaborated with the script of the film Teddy Lucy-Modest It has become a field of extortion. Maivin won the Jury Prize of the Cannes Film Festival by directing the film Polisse.

Benjamin Laverne, Old Richard, Melville Popo, Noemi Levowski, Pascal Gregory And India every There are other actors who play roles in the movie Jean de Bari. Among the main production factors of this romantic historical film are: Lauren Dylanddirector of photography, Angelo Zamparottiproduction designer, Jurgen Doeringdress designer, John Noltehair stylist Tom the mosquitoface painter and Nicholas Provost, the sound operator pointed out. He is also in charge of producing the film’s music Steven Warbeck Is.

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