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League of Legends world championship final viewers record breaking

The broadcast of the League of Legends world championship finals has set a new record in terms of the number of viewers.

The League of Legends world championship finals were recently held at the Chase Center in the state of California, and fans of this game witnessed an exciting confrontation between two powerful Korean teams, T1 and DRX; The teams that both managed to reach the final by defeating strong teams from China and Korea.

According to the statistics published by the Esports Charts analysis center, during the finals held yesterday, more than 5.1 million people watched the match. This statistic shows a very significant growth of viewers of these competitions. Because in the final of 2021, this statistic only reached more than one million viewers, and it seems that this year’s final event is popular with a significant difference compared to the previous year.

Venue of League of Legends Finals

Also, other interesting points can be seen by checking the data published by Esports Charts. For example, the difference between the number of viewers of the semi-finals and the final this year reaches about three million people, and all the events performed in the final this year had an average of one million viewers. According to the website Esports Charts, about 142 million hours of gameplay were watched during this weekend’s competition. Further, Esports Charts Twitter account announced that 2.8 million Twitch network, 1.7 million YouTube and 600 thousand other viewers watched these competitions through Facebook, Trove and Africa.

All in all, this year’s League of Legends World Championship event seems to have been a resounding success. This success can be very useful for Riot Games’ eSports goals. Because this year was the first time that fans could attend the competitions in person and there were no restrictions due to Covid.

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