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Learn more about SMS marketing tools!

In today’s world, where all businesses need advertising to develop and expand their brand, it is very appropriate to know the appropriate advertising methods and tools.

In fact, today we are witnessing the fact that in order to succeed in marketing and sell more of our goods and services, we are in dire need of extensive advertising. One of the most useful advertising methods is SMS advertising. How familiar are you with this method? Do you know SMS marketing tools?

In this article, we are going to talk about this popular method with you. Stay with us.

What is SMS marketing?

Before we go to SMS marketing tools, let us have a short definition of this useful and affordable advertising method.

It is one of the advertising methods that is sent to the audience and customers in the form of SMS in order to inform about services and sales as well as to introduce the brand.

SMS marketing has a lot of credibility these days, which is why small and large businesses consider significant budgets for this advertising method in their advertising planning. It is very important to know that this method, like other methods, has tools that we must know well to have a professional SMS marketing.

Introducing SMS marketing tools

In this section, we are going to give you a list of the best SMS marketing tools so that you can use them for targeted SMS advertising.

Sparkcentral tool

Since customers may contact you from different platforms, this tool will help you keep all your customer service messages in one place. Also, this tool provides you with the possibility of chat bots.

EZ Texting platform

If you intend to send SMS messages of a dedicated campaign to your list. Be sure to use this tool. Your campaign can include contests, polls, etc.

EZ Texting tool also allows you to convert email subscribers and website visitors to SMS subscribers.

Mnisend tool

It must have happened to you that you make a purchase from a site or when the delivery time comes, an SMS is sent to you immediately. These pre-defined text messages can be configured with the Mnisend tool. This tool can also be used to send a one-time password when registering or entering the site.

Sending SMS on a mobile phone with the SMS brand

Web services are one of the best SMS tools

Web services are very common to use SMS systems. It can be said that SMS marketing with web service is one of the best tools for SMS marketing. At the same time, it is very easy to work in the website environment for people who intend to send mass SMS and do not need special training.

How to start a successful SMS campaign?

In order to have a good SMS campaign, you need to have a basic plan in advance. After careful planning, do the following steps step by step.

Target your audience

Categorize the customers and audiences to whom you are going to send SMS. In order to be close to your target audience, use the filters such as gender, age, geographic region, PM, etc. that your SMS panel platform provides.

Choose the right tool

According to the type and main purpose of your campaign, choose the appropriate SMS marketing tool from the introduced tools. By choosing the right tool, you can categorize and manage your information.

Write an attractive text

To send a text message, you must write a short text with a friendly tone. Use relevant emojis for your SMS and try not to exceed one page. The thing that you should be very careful about when writing the text is that you should not have any spelling or grammar mistakes in your SMS. Also, if you include a link or contact number in your SMS, make sure to check before sending it in bulk so that it is not wrong.

Use valid SMS systems

Remember to get your SMS panel from reliable systems. We mean a reliable SMS system, a panel that has an accurate database and strong support.

Because to send SMS, you need a complete and extensive contact bank, and if you ever encounter a problem or question, you need to connect to a fast and strong support.

A reliable SMS system has the following features:

Free SMS panel

To start working, you will need a SMS system or panel. The good news is that the hive system will provide you with this panel completely free of charge, and you don’t need to pay any money to get it.

High speed

The speed of sending SMS is very necessary and important. We are proud to announce that Kendo’s SMS system is one of the fastest SMS systems in the country. You will be able to send thousands of SMS in just 15 minutes.

No panel charging limit

You need an amount to charge your panel in order to send SMS. Well, we must say that you will not have any restrictions on charging your account. You can charge your account from 10 thousand tomans to several million. No minimum or maximum ceiling will be considered for you. And in addition, if your SMS is returned for any reason, the return fee will be given.

Reporting and analysis

After you finish sending the SMS, be sure to prepare a report of your work process in Excel. Then analyze the report. You should find your strengths and weaknesses in the SMS campaign by properly analyzing them and plan the next advertising campaigns according to them.

Email symbols come out of the laptop keyboard

Advantages of SMS Marketing

  • Availability and no need for internet
  • Creating a sense of loyalty in the mind of the customer
  • Amazing impact on branding
  • High transfer speed
  • Easy and simple interaction with the customer (no need to create a teaser or brand)
  • Affordability and low cost
  • Reviewable and reportable
  • And … .

last word

These days, the advertising market is hot. We should know what methods we should use to be successful in our advertising. We should also know the chosen method well and be familiar with the related tools.

End of advertisement report.

This article is for promotional purposes only and Zoomji does not accept any responsibility in relation to it.

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