LG unveiled a display that has 20% cache

It’s only been a short time since foldable displays entered the world of smartphones, but companies have already started working on the next generation of displays. One of them is stretchable or expandable displays. now LG Display As one of the main players in this industry, it has unveiled a screen that 12 inches but Stretches up to 14 inches!

LG has named this new display, which in addition to being elastic, also bends, “formless”. This display can be used in various industries including home appliances and clothes. Since it can be used in various forms and is elastic, the person who wears it does not feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

A display that can be used everywhere

According to LG Display, this display can be used in various industries from fashion, wearable gadgets and gaming to the world of cars and airplanes.

The sample displayed by LG is of high quality. With a pixel density of 100 pixels per inch, this display has the same performance as a 40-inch TV with 4K resolution and fully supports RGB colors.

LG display

The new LG display is made on a special silicon substrate, which is also used for contact lenses. This panel has micro LEDs with a size smaller than 40 micrometers, which are connected to each other with S-shaped springs instead of straight wires. With this design, the display can be stretched up to 20% without breaking.

Of course, this is not the first time that we come across a flexible display. For example, last year, Royole unveiled a display that stretched up to 30% and had a pixel density of 120 pixels per inch. However, the sample the company showed off was only 2.7 inches.

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