LG unveiled its latest smart home appliances for the Middle East market

According to Digiato, LG unveiled its latest products in the smart home appliances group by holding the LG Showcase MEA 2023 event in Dubai. According to LG, having the company’s smart products, which include refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, is essential for every home.

These devices were introduced earlier, but now they arrive for the Middle East market. Among the home appliances of this company, we can see the ultra-premium products of the LG Signature series, which move at the edge of technology.

Among these premium products, we can mention the four-door LG Signature refrigerator with Dual InstaView display, a pair of washers and dryers with 7-inch LCD displays, a new tabletop microwave with InstaView display, and an oven in the oven with automatic timer and temperature adjustment capabilities.

In this ceremony, a new refrigerator equipped with MoodUP function was also unveiled, which brings exciting and attractive colors to your kitchen. This refrigerator uses color-changing LEDs on its panels. Colors can be controlled easily through the LG ThinQ application.

Another new product from LG is the CordZero A9 Kompressor vacuum cleaner, which can provide you with the functionality of both water and steam vacuum cleaners, while being completely wireless. This device heats up to 60 degrees Celsius during operation so that it can have the best cleaning ability with its steam. There are two sensors in this device that prevent the device from overheating.

Air conditioners are not usually attractive accessories, but LG can change that with the ARTCOOL Gallery Air Conditioner. This device has a 27-inch LCD display that can display works of art. This product, which is capable of producing cold and heat, can be personalized with the LG ThinQ application, and you can put animated images on it.

In this ceremony, LG also unveiled a new washing machine and dryer called LG WashTower Compact, which was made considering the limited space of today’s homes. All the features of this device are controlled from one panel and advanced features in the field of artificial intelligence have been added to it.

This washing machine has a capacity of 13 kg and the dryer has a capacity of 10 kg. The design of this device is smooth and integrated. This product uses advanced technologies such as AI Direct Drive to identify the best washing pattern and reduce damage to the fibers. The Smart Pairing feature also allows the user to sync the dryer with the washing machine and automatically access the best dryer.

Other home appliances of this company include LG PuriCare AeroTower air purifiers that use two True HEPA technologies and UVnano LEDs. The first technology ensures that 99.97% of dust particles and allergens do not enter the environment. The second technology also destroys 99.9% of the bacteria on the blades of the device. This device can also be controlled by the LG ThinQ application.

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