Limiting USB-C on the iPhone is unacceptable

According to the new EU law, Apple must use the USB-C port in future iPhone devices. While the Cupertino giant was said to be planning to limit some USB-C functionality on the iPhone, the European Union has now warned the company that it is not allowed to do so.

Last year, the European Union passed a law requiring iPhones and other devices with wired charging technology to be equipped with a USB-C port to be sold in member states. Apple has until December 28, 2024 to comply with this rule, but the iPhone 15 models that will be introduced this year are expected to be equipped with USB-C instead of the Lightning port.

Apple cannot limit the functionality of USB-C on the iPhone

Late last year, a report suggested that Apple might limit charging speeds and other USB-C functions on the iPhone. Now, in response to this rumor, EU Commissioner Thierry Burton has sent a letter warning Apple that it is not allowed to limit the functionality of USB-C cables and this will prevent the sale of iPhones in the EU.

Given that Apple has until the end of 2024 to comply with the new EU law, the company could still implement its decision by putting an authentication chip in the USB-C port of the iPhone 15 phones that will be introduced this year. Also, given that the iPhone 16 phones are expected to be introduced in September 2024, even these devices may have limited USB-C port performance.

The report said the EU plans to publish a directive in the third quarter of this year to ensure “uniform interpretation” of its law.

Finally, it should be noted that the limitation of the USB-C cables of the iPhone 15 phones is currently a rumor, so this news cannot be confirmed for sure. It should also be noted that iPads with a USB-C port do not have the mentioned authentication chip.

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