LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence to complete user profiles

LinkedInthe popular employment-oriented social network, with “writing suggestions” and job descriptions based on Artificial intelligence It has taken a new approach to help its users. The company aims to make it easier for its users to complete the About and Title sections of their profiles, which can often be a challenging task. LinkedIn in its new feature of models OpenAI uses and premium subscribers can use it to generate descriptions based on their experience.

The tool aims to preserve a user’s “unique writing tone and style” by drawing on their professional experience and skills, as well as LinkedIn’s own view of what makes a good profile. AI-generated descriptions are a good starting point for users, but the company advises users to check the accuracy of the generated text.

LinkedIn is also testing AI-written job descriptions where hiring managers only need to fill in the job title, company name, and a few other details. LinkedIn then creates a detailed draft of the relevant job description.

These tools are designed to save users time and allow them to skip some of the tedious work associated with LinkedIn.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that LinkedIn has used generative artificial intelligence on its platform. The company also introduced another feature called “participatory articles” a few weeks ago. This feature takes the help of artificial intelligence to start writing articles and then asks experts related to that topic to comment on that issue. The company believes that starting content is usually a difficult task and this method can make it easier for users.

Additionally, the company is adding new online courses focusing on AI-related topics.

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